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  1. The Place announces the Stomping Ground Commission 2023

  2. Announcing Choreodrome 2023 call out

  3. The Place awarded world leading specialist provider funding

  4. A dancer moves robotically across an illuminated grid floating in space. They wear futuristic white clothing, standing in a powerful stance, their arms outstretched as they lunge forwards.

    The Place announces first half of its spring season 2023

  5. The Place awarded National Portfolio Organisation status

  6. LCDS develops its postgraduate programme

  7. An illustration of a snowy village at night. There is blue text reading 'Snowed In' at the top and illustrated people doing handstands and running across the text.

    Snowed In by Anatomical premieres at The Place this winter

  8. The Place joins Mayor of London's Business Climate Challenge

  9. 'Let The Body Speak' a digital hub supporting Ukrainian dancers

  10. A dancer in all black trackies, a backwards black cap and red sunglasses and watch leads into the camera, their hand is up to the camera and is warped by a fish eye lense. In the background, another dancer in all black dances with a microphone in their hand. They slot into the space between the thumb and forefinger of the dancer in the foreground. The background is a bright electric blue.

    SAY the album on tour!

  11. 1762Three dancers are moving in front of a background where particles of light are projected. Their movements look as if they were causing the particles to movebehind them. Other elements in the space are a rocking board and knee high boots with 15cm platforms.

    Announcing our electrifying autumn season!

  12. Two plus sized dancers wearing varying skin toned, body hugging shorts and bras, stand at a ballet bar. They stare out towards us, asking us to question what we see.

    Dance Body Statement