Finding accommodation in London can be overwhelming especially if you don’t live in London or are trying to find something while living overseas.

Our nearest tube stations are Kings Cross St Pancras or Euston Station (zone one). Both a five minute walk to The School.

Most students at LCDS live in shared housing either with other LCDS student or students from other universities. If you are joining LCDS and want to connect with other incoming or current students we connect you through the LCDS Official Freshers Facebook Group when an offer to LCDS is made. This way you can chat to other people starting and group together for a house share or speak with students who may have a spare room or moving out of their current living situations.

The majority of our students live north of LCDS along Victoria, Piccadilly or the Northern London Underground lines which bring them directly into Kings Cross St. Pancreas or Euston Station. Typically a student will pay between £500-£800 a month for a room in a shared house.

Halls of residence can be a good option for overseas students who might not have access to a UK based guarantor or student who are under 18 years of age. LCDS has a relationship with the University of London Housing Services. This service can be used for contract checking or any legal disputes that you might have with a landlord.  They also have a large database of housing including shared houses and halls of residence and the website has lots of advice on housing.

Overseas students will need a UK-based Guarantor for accommodation. If you do not have access to a Guarantor, landlords will often accept 6-12 months payment in advance. If this is outside your financial situation you can look at other accommodation options such as halls of residence that do not require this or use a Guarantor service, however these do come at a cost

If you have any questions about accommodation, please email Student Support.

Download a Tube Map of London With Zones