London Contemporary Dance School prides itself on being a world-leading specialist provider in dance education, and with that status comes responsibility to uphold the highest quality of academic and student services. Below we outline some of the processes that formally certify our quality in higher education.

World Leading Specialist Provider Funding

In December 2022, The Place was successful in securing World Leading Specialist Provider Funding from the Office for Students for the 5-year period 2022-27. In awarding the funding, the panel recognised the world leading quality of our institution and pedagogy but also our visionary London Contemporary Dance School faculty and alumni.

The award reflects The Place’s legacy of being at the forefront of dance for over 50 years, developing artists and alumni that have global reach and significant impact on local and international communities. It recognises the value of The Place’s unique model of locating world class higher education provision within an organisation also engaged with performance, production, education and community engagement. This funding is instrumental in ensuring The Place maintains and develops its world class provision of higher education in dance.


In January 2022, LCDS undertook a Quality and Standards Review carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The review formed part of our application to register with the Office for Students (OfS). LCDS successfully registered in June 2022. The review report concluded that we have met all the Core practices of the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and recognises that we are:

  • Providing well-designed courses that deliver a high-quality experience for all students
  • Supporting our students from admission through to completion
  • Ensuring students’ outcomes are valued by employers or enable further study
  • Awarding qualifications that hold their value over time, in line with recognised standards

The full review can be found HERE.

Degree Outcomes Statement

LCDS has reviewed the arrangements for ensuring that the classification of awards made for the BA(Hons) course are valid, accurate and reliable. The statement details trends of degree outcomes over time and the processes we use to ensure the integrity of the awards.

Quality Assurance Regulations and Processes

Quality Assurance involves the review of educational provision to maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of the courses. We have a number of systems in place to check course quality, many of which are overseen by our validating university.

Course Approval and Re-Approval

All courses are reviewed every 5 years, through a process where a panel of staff from LCDS and UAL will comment on the course and confirm it is fit for purpose.

Course Modifications

Each year staff will assess whether any changes need to be made to the course in response to staff and student feedback. All changes are approved by the Link Liaison Committee with UAL, with the support from external examiners where appropriate.

Annual Course Monitoring

Every year the course team will review the course and assess student satisfaction as well as student attainment. Any actions identified will be noted and tracked. Reports are reviewed internally by our Academic Board, as well as externally by UAL representatives.

External Examiners

Each course has an appointed external examiner, who are subject experts from other higher education institutions and sample assessment to ensure student work has been marked fairly.

Student Surveys

All students are offered the opportunity to feedback anonymously on their course at the end of every unit. There are also opportunities to regularly provide feedback throughout the course (for example during year group meetings).

Student Representatives

Student representatives for all courses and from each Year Group provide an essential link between students and staff for all student matters, including the quality of the course. Student Representatives also serve on School committees to discuss the operation of the course and consult on changes to delivery.