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  1. On Tour

    The Playground Tour

  2. An illustrated image of a girl and a woman having a fabulous time dancing together, surrounded by squiggles, with bunting over their heads and the words Family Dance Day written on a cloud.

    On Tour

    Family Dance Day

    Summer 2024

  3. Rose and Lisa leap high into the air, their arms above their heads, their knees high. They look almost suspended in the air, twisting round slightly mid spin. Rose has pale freckled skin, blue eyes, ginger curly hair, is small in height and wearing bright blue trousers with a pale blue shirt. Lisa is a Southeast Asian, female dancer of small build, with black shoulder-length hair and black eyes. She is wearing a white shirt, dark pink trousers and a light pink button-up shirt, with a pink bandana around her wrist.

    On Tour

    the album: skool edition

    by SAY

  4. At The Place

    Screendance Summer School

  5. On Tour


    by Igor x Moreno

  6. On Tour

    Fringe Fragments

    at Edinburgh Fringe

  7. At The Place

    Touch Wood

    by Ekleido, Brooke Milliner, Dorine Mushiga, Tom Cassani, Aishwarya Raut, Isaac Ouro-Gnao, Jackie Kibuka, Liam Francis

  8. At The Place

    BOP Jazz Arts: Day of Dance Practice and Participation

    by BOP Jazz Theatre Company in association with The Place

  9. At The Place

    Out There, In Here

    by Ebony Rose Dark

  10. At The Place

    Handful of Nothing

    by Tilly Lee-Kronick

  11. A dancer stands in the centre of the screen on a ledge. There is a bridge in the background. A long pink cloak fills the left side of the screen. The image has a retro vibe.

    At The Place

    Frame Rush

    Screendance Festival 2024

  12. At The Place

    Moving Worlds: A Programme of Dance Films

    Created and introduced live by Rosemary Lee

  13. At The Place

    The Flock & Moving Cloud (Double Bill)

    by Scottish Dance Theatre

  14. At The Place

    Jazz Conversations

    by BOP Jazz Theatre Company

  15. At The Place

    Because I Can / When the Bleeding Stops (Double Bill)

    from Eva Recacha and Lovísa Ósk Gunnarsdóttir

  16. At The Place


    by Marikiscrycrycry

  17. At The Place

    Hot House

    by Richard Chappell Dance

  18. At The Place


    by Louise Orwin

  19. At The Place


    by National Dance Company Wales

  20. At The Place


    by Igor x Moreno

  21. At The Place

    Fairy Tales

    presented by Dance Umbrella

  22. At The Place

    The Mountain Witch

    by Speedwell Dance

  23. At The Place

    Shown and Told

    by Meg Stuart and Tim Etchells

  24. At The Place

    Splice | Rorschach

    by Ekleido

  25. At The Place

    Beyond Borders - Afro Dance Xplosion

    by Feel the Rhythm Productions

  26. At The Place


    by Shimmering Productions

  27. Two male Kathak dancers performing. One is in a saffron kurta, the other in a dark sea green kurta, and both have bells on their ankles. The dancer in orange leaps with legs tucked and arms extended towards a downstage corner. The dancer in green comes out of a spin and extends his arms in the same manner. They form an arrangement of angles that gives the impression of synchronicity. The stage is hung with black and the light tints the floor blue.

    At The Place


    by Pagrav Dance Company

  28. At The Place


  29. At The Place

    Critical Moment

  30. At The Place

    Music Collaborations

    by London Contemporary Dance School

  31. At The Place

    Design Collaborations

    by London Contemporary Dance School

  32. A performer dressed as The Little Prince sits on a stage, looking to the sky. Behind them is a large white ball and white graphic illustrations from the book projected on a blue backdrop.

    At The Place

    Luca Silvestrini's The Little Prince

    by Protein Dance

  33. On Tour

    Is This A Dance?

    by LAVAELO

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