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  1. In this image four dancers lie on a white sheet with their hands above their heads. The image has been taken so that it appears the dancers are hanging upside down. Their hair is splayed on the floor and they are wearing red, black and bluish colours.

    Fri 10 June: Nimi Collective /Monica Tolia/AURA

  2. Image of two dancers dancing by the river. In the background are some high rise buildings and a view of the river. One dancer is leaning over to the left with their hands in the air above their heads. They are wearing a white long-sleeved crop top and a bluish dress. The other dancer is standing beside and wears yellow trousers and a patterned top.

    Thu 9th June: Colleen Bartley/Beithe Movement Collective/Serena Ruth & Franziska Boehm/Katie Serridge

  3. In the image the floor is white. A dancer dressed in yellow is kneeling on the floor. Another dancer wearing red Adidas stripe trousers and a grey top is lying in the other dancer's lap. They smile.

    Wed 8 June: Hannah Connor and Nadine Elise Muncey/Anhelo Collective/ella|ella with MOŸ MOŸ collective

  4. The cabin door of a truck opens, spewing eerie blue smoke. Silhouetted by a bright blue light that cuts through the darkness of night, a figure wearing an astronaut uniform begins to emerge.

    Requardt & Rosenberg on dance sci-fi Future Cargo

  5. A group of secondary school students on The Place stage wearing black tops and trousers dancing

    Camden Schools Festival 2022

  6. Black and white image of Merce Cunningham's Event performed in Venice's St Mark's Square in 1972. The image is taken from a bird's eye view. 7 dancers wearing light colour costumes and 5 wearing darker costumes and encircled by a large audience.

    Restaging Cunningham's seminal Event

  7. This is an image of LCDS BA1 students from 2021. A line of dancers sit down across the image. Another line of dancers stand up behind the ones sitting down.

    Insight into our undergraduate course

  8. Image of Ellie dancing centrally in the camera. Behind Ellie is a water feature and a small tree. Ellie is wearing all pink clothes and has long blonde hair.

    LCDS student Ellie Peacock on getting support for dyslexia

  9. Image of Ivan Michael Blackstock, a black man wearing a black cap with red text on the front. He has a nose piercing and an ear piercing and a beard.

    Ivan Michael Blackstock: creating dance for stage, music videos and TV

  10. Black and white image of a dancer doing a yoga style crab

    Freddie Opoku-Addaie: from LCDS student to Artistic Director

  11. A dancer dressed in black with short dark hair is in the frame. The background is a white cream colour. The dancer jumps into the air, their right leg slightly raised as if they are running in the air. Their right arm is bent inwards towards the chest so the front of the hand touches their chin. The other arm is bent as well but is more to the side.

    Jemima Brown's journey to being an award-nominated dancer

  12. Q&A with Anders Duckworth and Sam Coren