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  1. 5 performers crouching one behind another. They have pink lighting on them and a clear sheath that is wrinkled over their faces..

    Cha Jinyeob on latest work MIIN: Body to Body

  2. In the studio, a dancer in black bottoms and a light grey t-shirt sits upright with both knees bent and their forearms wrapped around their knees. They are looking at a dancer in the foreground who is wearing white trousers and a light striped hooded top. Their knees are bent and their arms are bent at a right angle towards the floor. They are looking down. Behind and to the right of them, a final dancer in a white top and black bottoms leans forward and holds their arms away from their body with elbows bent.

    My week's work experience at The Place

  3. Image of two hands up in the air. A ray of light entering from the right-hand side of the image illuminates the fingers. The background is very dark.

    Archana Ballal on artists' mental health

  4. Black and white image of a woman with a black strapless top and long hair.

    Interview with LCDS alum Alethia Antonia

  5. A black and white photo with a large house on the right hand side and a woman can be seen on the left in the long grass, she is looking down

    MA Screendance student Margo Roe on studying at LCDS

  6. Image of Rona, a dark haired woman, on the left and Billie, a red haired woman, on the right.

    A career in dance is one for life

  7. Three dancers leap up onto a brown leather sofa, smiling big warm smiles at each other, clearly they are close friends. Their outfits are all 90s inspired in shades of orange and red. The background of the image is an orange, textured like paper.

    “DONUTS is my version of Friends” – interview with Jamaal Burkmar