4 young dancers on stage wearing white tops and trousers. They are on the floor lifting their back legs up behind them.
Shift Dance Company Credit: James Keates 2022

Shift Dance Company

Shift Dance Company for young people aged 14-19 years meet every Thursday evening during term time.

The company is led by a rehearsal director, who supports the group throughout the creation of their own choreographic project, in working with guest artists and choreographers, and in presenting shows on professional stages.

A large groups of young dancers aged 9-14 years, on stage wearing brown tunics and standing in various poses
Shuffle Dance Company Credit: James Keates 2022

Shuffle Dance Company

Shuffle Dance Company for young dancers aged 10-14 meet every Saturday afternoon during term time.

The company is led by a rehearsal director who works collaboratively with the group to create new dance pieces that are performed throughout the year.


Shift Dance Company requires a year-long commitment from September through to July.

How to join

To be a part of Shift or Shuffle Dance Company you must attend an audition. To be considered for 2023-2024, please sign up for an audition taking place on Saturday 15 July. For more information, please visit the audition page or contact childrenandyouthdance@theplace.org.uk to join our mailing list and keep updated about the companies and future auditions.