The Place is proud to be the home of our two youth dance companies: Shift and Shuffle, which continue to epitomise The Place’s mission: to power imagination through dance. The aim of our Youth Dance Companies is to support young people’s journeys into dance by developing their curiosity and talent for dancing.  

By joining us, you will receive access to high quality training, various performance opportunities and the chance to deepen creative and technical dance skills.  

Shift Dance Company

Shift Dance Company

  • Shift Dance Company is for young people aged 14-19 years.
  • Meet every Thursday of term time from 6.00pm-8.30pm, alongside intensive rehearsal days throughout the year.  
  • Led by rehearsal director Lucy Evans, who supports the group throughout with their own choreographic project, working with external artists and choreographers, and in rehearsing work ready for performances.  
  • Performing at least 4 times per academic year, although this varies depending on the platform availability.  
Upcoming Projects

Filming a screen dance version of their successful stage performance of ‘UP THE WALL’ choreographed by Joshua ‘Vendetta’ Nash.

Recent Projects and Achievements
  • Coals Drop Yard in May 2024, where Shift will be performing a series of devised site-specific pieces inspired by the Lightroom’s Moonwalkers exhibition. 
  • U. Dance Regional Festival in February 2024, where Shift will be performing a commissioned piece called ‘Up the Wall’ by choreographer Joshua ‘Vendetta’ Nash from Far from the Norm.
  • Shift performed at the U. Dance National Festival 2023 in Newcastle.  
  • Shift performed Up the Wall at Fresh The Place’s annual showcase of dance created and curated with young people.
Shuffle Dance Company
Credit: Rocio Chacon

Shuffle Dance Company

  • Shuffle Dance Company is for young dancers aged 10-14.
  • Meets every Saturday of term time from 1.30pm-3.30pm.  
  • Led by an artistic director, who focuses on developing the fundamental skills of contemporary dance, while crafting staged performances with the dancers.  
  • Performing at least once per term.  
Upcoming Projects

Shuffle will be performing ‘Settle’ a new piece directed by Yanaelle Thiran for Thrive Dance Festival in June 2024.

Recent Choreographers and Achievements
  • Shuffle worked with Yanaelle Thiran to create ‘Four Fantasies’ for The British Libraries Family Day based around their exhibition: Fantasy: Realms of the imagination.  
  • Shuffle performed ‘Four Fantasies’ at the Camden Youth Dance Festival at The Place in February 2024.

Both youth companies require a year-long commitment from September through to July. Regular attendance is important to ensure smooth creation and rehearsal processes.

How to join

To be a part of Shift or Shuffle Dance Company you must attend an audition. To be considered for 2024-2025, please sign up for an audition taking place on Saturday 20 July. For more information, please visit the audition page or contact to join our mailing list and keep updated about the companies and future auditions.