The Place is committed to developing ground-breaking dance from both leading choreographic talent and rising stars. Through its in-house Producing and Touring team, The Place brings bold new work to national and international audiences. There are always opportunities for partners to support and programme our work.

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In Development

Okan - Akeim Toussaint Buck and Ella Mesma

Drawing inspiration from various martial dances and salsa, Okan challenges traditional gender roles and explores the interplay between opposing forces, resulting in a harmonious blend that transcends binaries.

  • R&D: September 2023 - November 2023
  • Creation: Autumn 2024
  • Touring: Spring 2025
  • Size: 3 to 4 (2 Dancers, 1 Technician, 1 Producer for some touring dates)

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Anatomy of Survival - Vivienne Franzmann & Frauke Requardt

A woman in an orange beanie walks into Greggs. She asks for a pumpkin spiced latte. The person serving her does not understand her request. The woman reacts badly. Mayhem ensues.

Audience: 14+

Format: mid-scale

Length: 60 min

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A Tale of Two Cities - Lost Dog

Placing Lucie Manette at the heart of Dickens’ classic, Lost Dog are restaging A Tale of Two Cities featuring live camera work on-stage, and their acclaimed blend of contemporary dance and theatre. Rediscover Dickens from a whole new perspective.

  • Audience: 14+
  • Format: mid-scale
  • Length: 90 min (no interval)
  • Size: 5 performers

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Kedeeshah - Sivan Rubinstein

Part of Sivan Rubinstein’s Dance No 2° Climate series, Kedeeshah is a short film that centres around the wisdom of a fascinating young soul as they reflect on our time on this planet.

  • Audience: all
  • Format: short film
  • Length: 7 min

Please get in contact for access to this short film.

Is This A Dance? - Lavaelo

Dance artists Eva Recacha and Lola Maury invite young minds to muse on the idea of dance in an energetic and joyful exploration of what it means to dance, in an engaging introduction to contemporary dance for young people and their families.

  • Audience: 4-11 years and their families
  • Length: 45 min (no interval)
  • Format: small-scale
  • Size: 2 performers

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the album: Skool Edition - SAY Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui

Celebrate the joy and innocence of making up dances to exciting new music in SAY's interactive outdoor dance show for young audiences and their families. A 15 minute version of their full length piece, the album: skool edition will inspire audiences to get creative with movement too!

  • Audience: 3+ and their families
  • Format: outdoor
  • Length: 15 min
  • Size: 2 performers

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the album - SAY Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui

A trio of pieces that celebrate the joy and innocence of making up dances to popular music. Working closely with new music artists and musicians, SAY's ambition is to recreate the exciting atmosphere found at music gigs and to reach new audiences by setting contemporary dance to underground music.

  • Audience: 12+
  • Format: small-scale
  • Length: 60 min (no interval)
  • Size: 2 performers

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Dance No 2° - Sivan Rubinstein

Earthy, Minimalist, and Powerful. Dance No 2° is a timeless meditation on our connection to Earth, the changing climate and how human existence is influenced by the water, land and elements we live with.

  • Audience: 8+
  • Format: small-scale
  • Length: 60 min (no interval)
  • Size: 4 performers

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How to Build a Universe and How to End It - Extended Play

Choreographer Jamaal Burkmar reimagines the formation of our universe in a collision of music and movement. Formed of two parts, How To Build A Universe and How to End It opens with improvisation with guest participants and ends in the culmination of Extended Play's creative process: visually striking, mesmerising dance to intoxicating music.

  • Audience: all
  • Format: small-scale, outdoor and The Playground Tour
  • Length: 60, 30 or 15 minute versions
  • Size: 2-7 performers

Download the How to Build a Universe and How to End It Tour Pack

The Album: live - SAY Sarah Golding and Yukiko Masui

In an explosive mix of fast-paced, slick dance routines and incredible music tracks, SAY are bringing the infectious energy of music gigs to the dance world.

SAY invites a guest music artist to perform live at each location during every tour.

  • Audience: 8+
  • Format: Outdoors
  • Length: 15min
  • Size: 2 performers

No Land B - Sivan Rubinstein

The powerful story of two dancers exploring our relationship to nature and to each other. No Land B is an uncompromising dance performance, delving into the ever-changing challenging environmental reality our world faces.

  • Audience: 8+
  • Length: 50min
  • Size: 2 performers

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The Playground Tour

The Playground Tour offers a double bill of dance shows for young audiences and their families.

Each piece explores friendship in unique ways, considering the challenges we face and ways that we can overcome them through bravery.

  • Audience: 3+ and their families
  • Format: outdoor
  • Length: 45 min (20 min per performance)
  • Size: 2 performers per show, 4 performers total

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Super Normal Extra Natural - Requardt & Rosenberg

Super Normal Extra Natural is a new performance made with your

local community, from the creators of experiential performances

Future Cargo and DeadClub™.

  • Audience: all
  • Format: Open public space
  • Length: 40 min

Download the Super Normal Extra Natural 2023 Tour Pack

Future Cargo - Requardt & Rosenberg

Requardt & Rosenberg's latest show performed from the back of a 40ft haulage truck. Combining large-scale spectacle with surprising intimacy, Future Cargo transports audiences with this other-worldly experience using binaural headphones!

  • Audience: all
  • Format: outdoor
  • Length: 50 min (no interval)
  • Size: 4 performers

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DONUTS - Extended Play

'Feelgood & fun' (The Guardian), DONUTS is a fusion of jazz, funk and classic sit-coms that rewrites the rulebook of friendship in the first full-length contemporary dance piece from Extended Play.

  • Audience: 8+
  • Format: small-scale
  • Length: 60 min (no interval)
  • Size: 3 performers

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KARRASEKARE - Igor x Moreno

The latest production in development from artistic duo Igor x Moreno, KARRASEKARE is inspired by pagan carnival traditions from Sardinia and the Basque Country. Raw and surprising, sweaty yet elegant, it explores the catharsis of communal ritual and traditions.

  • Audience: 14+
  • Length: TBC
  • Format: mid-scale
  • Size: 7 performers

Download the KARRASEKARE Tour Pack

Book 4 Shorts - Birdgang Ltd

BOOK 4 SHORTS is an interactive and lively show where children are directly involved in the story telling, voting on their favorite character and dancing along. BirdGang Ltd's new show embodies their values of individuality, collaboration, and dedication with Hip Hop as their unifying force, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.

  • Audience: 5+
  • Format: Outdoors or in theatres
  • Length: 21 min (no interval)
  • Size: 2 preformers

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