Be inspired by two new dance shows at your school with The Playground Tour. Now in its fourth year, The Place will bring two lively dance shows for children directly to primary school playgrounds in a 50-minute double-bill. Olive Branch... Playground Edition by Vanhulle Dance Theatre andMughal Miniatures: The Elephant and the Drummerby Sonia Sabri Company, will get young audiences dancing in their seats and all the way home!

Discover this years’ shows

Olive Branch... Playground Edition by Vanhulle Dance Theatre

A poetic tale of rediscovering the wonder and beauty that nature provides. Follow a new and unusual friendship between two strangers who, despite miscommunications, quickly learn to overcome differences. By developing trust and acceptance, they form an alliance to defend mother nature.

Mughal Miniatures: The Elephant and the Drummer by Sonia Sabri Company

An interactive dance performance for all ages, which is inspired by and celebrates exquisite traditional art of Indian and Persian miniature painting. With live drumming and fabulous puppetry, join us for a fun and empowering story of body-positivity and self-acceptance.

The year fours really enjoyed the performances, they left feeling inspired

Teacher, Brecknock Primary School (2023)

Thank you for the performance, it was very powerful

Teacher, St Andrew’s CE Infants School (2023)

Oh my gosh, that’s so cool.

Student, Legacy Youth Centre (2023)

Important Information

  1. Duration: Each piece is approximatley 20 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A with the students. The full show will last approximately 50 minutes and can be repeated twice in one day.
  2. Set-Up: We will need one hour of set up time before the performances, and one hour to pack up after the second performance.
  3. Technical Requirements: We will bring a portable sound system that we will set up in the playground.
  4. Performance Space: We will need a minimum of 6m x 6m for the performance area. Children can sit facing the performance area or on two or three sides, to be agreed with you.
  5. Warm-Up: We will need a private room for performers to warm up and leave their belongings in.
  6. Alternative Space: There should be an alternative indoor space should the performance have to move inside due to weather conditions (e.g. rain, heat).
  7. Parking: We will need a car parking space and easy access to the playground.
  8. Risk Assessment: We will ask for your school’s Risk Assessment and protocol so that we can ensure we are in line with your policies.
  9. DBS: All performers will be DBS checked before entering your school.
  10. Access: For children sensitive to noise, we would advise noise cancelling headphones due to live drumming.
  11. Activity: All schools will receive an activity to be shared with pupils.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of this information please let us know as we may be able to address these.

Let's make it happen!

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to book The Playground Tour for your school, by contacting the partner organisation closest to your school:

The Playground Tour is commissioned and produced by The Place. With support from 101 Arts Creation Space, Crawley’s Creative Playground, Dance Reading, Hall for Cornwall, Carn to Cove, Dance East and Stanley Arts.