List of Events

  1. Online

    Undergraduate Online Info Session

  2. At The Place

    Heritage: The Journey To Africa

    by AkomaAsa

  3. Text: Pirates! Now on Sail. Background is a treasure map splattered with fun paint colours, the text is bold red and mounted on a wooden plank, with 'Now On Sail' written on a scroll.

    At The Place


    by Scottish Dance Theatre

  4. On Tour

    Super Normal Extra Natural

    A take over of Croydon's Whitgift Shopping Centre by Requardt & Rosenberg

  5. At The Place

    Adél Bálint, Alice Ortona Coles and Orla Hardie

    Resolution Festival 2024

  6. At The Place

    Jack Trotter, Jorden Brooks and Vanessa Tang

    Resolution Festival 2024

  7. At The Place

    Postgraduate Open Day


  8. At The Place

    Araminta Wraith, Hattie Musgrove and Sylvie Holder

    Resolution Festival 2024

  9. A tight knit group of dancers swirl around a central figure, creating a nebulous swirl of movement centred around a single dancer.

    On Tour

    How to Build a Universe

    by Extended Play

  10. At The Place

    In between collective, Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley and Manon Servage

    Resolution Festival 2024

  11. At The Place

    Chi-Hsuan Lin, Nicola Adilman and Sara Augieras

    Resolution Festival 2024

  12. Online

    Online Information Session

    MA Dance: Participation, Communities, Activism

  13. At The Place

    Francesca Matthys, Joshua Yates and Wency Lam

    Resolution Festival 2024

  14. At The Place

    Chiara Martina Halter, Kitty Pilgrim-Morris and Chaldon Williams

    Resolution Festival 2024

  15. At The Place

    Sunhi Willa Keller, Tarantism and Vittorio Pagani

    Resolution Festival 2024

  16. At The Place

    Aishwarya Raut, Hannah Waters and Seirian Griffiths, Aurora Casatori

    Resolution Festival 2024

  17. At The Place

    Glenn Hudson (Definitives), Nefeli Kentoni and Yee Kei Yuki Chung

    Resolution Festival 2024

  18. At The Place

    Aimee Ruhinda, Emma Skyum and Lizzy Tan

    Resolution Festival 2024

  19. At The Place

    Caroline Felkins, Paulina Krzeczkowska and Samantha Harding

    Resolution Festival 2024

  20. At The Place

    Ella Swannell Amalfitano, Elly Trent, Olia Poliakova and Callum Murray, and Terry Smith

    Resolution Festival 2024

  21. At The Place

    Angus Bartlett & Gabby Sanders, Jasmin Saulo & TNG : HE and Fabio Pronesti

    Resolution Festival 2024

  22. At The Place

    Divya Ravi, Marta Guerra Doblas (dobladanza) and Matthew Howard

    Resolution Festival 2024

  23. At The Place

    Ellye Van Grieken (Silver-Tongue), Jiwon Oh and TwoFold Dance Theatre

    Resolution Festival 2024

  24. At The Place

    BlacBrik, Louiseanne Pui Chi Wong and Madi Plunkett

    Resolution Festival 2024

  25. At The Place

    Lewis Walker, Odyl Creations and ThisEgg

    Resolution Festival 2024

  26. At The Place

    The Place Youth Dance Platform 2024

    A mixed bill of youth dance companies

  27. on stage mid performance, 6 band members are huddled together. Arms open and faces wide, they launch toward the audience.

    At The Place

    Punk Alley

    by Moxie Brawl

  28. On Tour

    Is This A Dance?

    by LAVAELO

  29. On stage, the band all dressed in punk clothing are rocking out. The full stage which has the backdrop of a scaff tower which red and green light reflects off. The 6 performers are singing, playing bass and guitar and on the drums.

    At The Place

    Punk Alley Workshop

    by Moxie Brawl

  30. On Tour

    Experience Day in Nottingham


  31. At The Place

    A Queer Collision

    by Stuart Waters

  32. A shiny, silver being wearing a pink candy floss wig dances against the white, lit interior of the shipping container.

    On Tour

    Future Cargo

    by Requardt&Rosenberg, presented by Realscape Productions

  33. Gaya and Ary, in sportswear clothes, are sitting on the floor. They are facing each other, their legs are bent and intertwined and their crotches are practically touching. We see them in profile. Both have their right arms stretched, and they are sticking their index fingers into eachothers mouths.  Both bodies are leaning back and their left hands are resting on the floor. Two trans bodies explore each other through their mouths.

    At The Place

    Movement Language: A Double Bill

    presented in partnership with Aerowaves

  34. Online

    Online Information Session

    MA Dance: Participation, Communities, Activism

  35. A tight knit group of dancers swirl around a central figure, creating a nebulous swirl of movement centred around a single dancer.

    At The Place

    How to Build a Universe

    by Extended Play

  36. On Tour

    Experience Day in Newcastle


  37. Three dancers leap up onto a brown leather sofa, smiling big warm smiles at each other, clearly they are close friends. Their outfits are all 90s inspired in shades of orange and red. The background of the image is an orange, textured like paper.

    On Tour


    by Extended Play

  38. At The Place

    Belonging: Loss. Legacy. Love.

    by Phoenix Dance Theatre

  39. At The Place

    Frankenstein: A Double Bill

    by Mark Bruce Company

  40. At The Place

    The Sticky Dance

    by Second Hand Dance

  41. Four performer pose using gloves with Octopus Tentacles

    At The Place

    Super Hot Hot Dog

    by Corali Dance Company

  42. On Tour


    by Igor X Moreno

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