List of Events

  1. At The Place

    There and Here

    by Luca Silvestrini’s Protein

  2. At The Place

    Undergraduate Open Day


  3. At The Place

    BA Student Showcase

    London Contemporary Dance School

  4. At The Place

    Graduation Show

    London Contemporary Dance School

  5. At The Place

    The Rescue: A Gecko Production

    by Northern School of Contemporary Dance

  6. At The Place

    Camden Primary Schools Dance Festival 2024

  7. At The Place

    The Enchanted Forrest

    Masters of Ballet Academy Summer Gala

  8. Rose and Lisa leap high into the air, their arms above their heads, their knees high. They look almost suspended in the air, twisting round slightly mid spin. Rose has pale freckled skin, blue eyes, ginger curly hair, is small in height and wearing bright blue trousers with a pale blue shirt. Lisa is a Southeast Asian, female dancer of small build, with black shoulder-length hair and black eyes. She is wearing a white shirt, dark pink trousers and a light pink button-up shirt, with a pink bandana around her wrist.

    On Tour

    the album: skool edition

    by SAY

  9. An illustrated image of a girl and a woman having a fabulous time dancing together, surrounded by squiggles, with bunting over their heads and the words Family Dance Day written on a cloud.

    On Tour

    Family Dance Day

    Summer 2024

  10. At The Place

    Screendance Summer School

  11. On Tour


    by Igor x Moreno

  12. At The Place

    Jazz Conversations

    by BOP Jazz Theatre Company

  13. At The Place


    by Marikiscrycrycry

  14. At The Place

    Fairy Tales

    presented by Dance Umbrella

  15. At The Place

    Shown and Told

    by Meg Stuart and Tim Etchells

  16. At The Place

    Critical Moment

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