Course length
3 Years

Transcend boundaries in dance performance, practice and creation.

For the first time, two leading international dance institutions are collaborating on a transnational Dance BA (Hons) with the first year of studies set at the London Contemporary Dance School at The Place, and the second and third years at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore.

For students based in Southeast Asia, this is an opportunity to experience London’s cosmopolitan energy as a major European metropolis for a year, whilst predominantly remaining based closer to home; and for students from further afield, this is a unique chance to submerge yourself, living and learning in two extraordinary cultures and cities.

From a Singapore/international perspective, it is amazing to be able to receive both eastern and western training as you get to explore the different views and approaches to dance and evaluate how each are presented uniquely.

– Rae Yao Anneli Tan, Year 2 BA (Hons) student

Three LCDS students stand outside The Place, there is a metal fence and trees behind them, one student is making the other two laugh
Credit: Camilla Greenwell 2021
London as a cultural hub

With its vibrant, multicultural arts scene, London is home to some of the most eclectic artists and repertoire in the world. At The Place’s central London location, you’ll be surrounded by art galleries, theatres, museums, and the deep history of the city. Your time in London will be filled with opportunities to meet and network with peers and artists from various cultural and professional backgrounds, and be immersed in a thriving, diverse community of creatives.  

Singapore as a dance destination

Singapore’s reputation as a global city attracting the world’s best talents has set the stage for the arts to thrive. Reflecting its forward-looking multicultural society, the dance scene spans many genres. Independent artists and companies from contemporary and traditional dance practices actively contribute to the professional dance scene which is gaining local and international recognition. The performing arts scene is increasingly multi-disciplinary in nature, with artists collaborating across genres and forms to create innovative new works embracing and combining different aesthetics that culturally reflect Singapore’s diversity, values and traditions.

LASALLE College of the Arts performance of Dispel Credit: Bernie Ng 2022

Key Information

Why Apply

Cross-continental delivery: Due to its location in the vibrant cultural hubs of London and Singapore, you will be exposed to a wide range of techniques, practices, cultures and traditions, developing you as an independent and experimental portfolio dance artist ready for an international career.

Global citizenry: By engaging in multiple creative projects and collaborations with international artists and peers across different art forms, cultures and contexts, you will discover how to be culturally situated and relevant with your art.

Focus on personal artistry: The close mentoring by artist-lecturers on the many student-led research and creative projects, collaborations and performances in varied performance contexts will enable you to discover and develop your personal artistic voice.

Programme Details

Ignited by the vibrant multicultural blend of two global dance destinations, Singapore and London, this programme is designed to sculpt you into an inventive and adaptable dance artist/performer and independent creator, primed to make your mark in the ever-evolving global dance arena.

The first year of study will be delivered at London Contemporary Dance School in the heart of London, where we celebrate the tapestry of global dance, exploring a breadth of dance traditions from the African diaspora to Euro-American styles. Coupled with an introduction to anatomy, music, and choreographic skills, you will dive into London's rich cultural scene through immersive workshops, inspiring guest lectures, and live studio performances.

Your journey continues at Singapore's LASALLE for your final two years, where you’ll broaden your artistic vista through an exploration of various dance theories and practices, with a special focus on Southeast Asian contemporary dance. In this phase of the programme, you will carve out your own unique artistic voice, fostering your creativity through collaborations across disciplines and diverse media. We will ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging you to research, design, and bring to life your own projects, fuelling your personal artistic practice within your specific area of interest.

Entry Requirements

For Singapore applicants


Singapore-Cambridge GCE 'A' Level: 2 'A' Level/H2 subjects and a pass in General Paper

Alternative English qualification: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL iBT 80


Polytechnic Diploma in a relevant discipline


International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

For International applicants

A level or Equivalent from your country

Admissions Process

A two-step process is put in place to determine your suitability for the programme:

1. Submit an audition recording based on the requirements outlined below.

2. Attend an admissions workshop and interview upon meeting the audition requirements.

Audition recording

Please submit a video recording online with the following:

- A self-introduction

- A self-choreographed solo of any genre. Your solo may be performed in silence or to music, with or without specific costume choices. Choose your music or soundscape carefully to support your choreography (3–5 minutes).

- An explanation of your choreography to contextualise the dance (2–4 minutes).

Admissions workshop and interview

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an admissions workshop on-site at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place, UK or LASALLE, Singapore. The admissions workshop consists of a technique class that incorporates ballet, contemporary and/or street dance followed by an improvisation class. An interview will be conducted at the end of the admissions workshop.

During the interview, you will be required to participate in a dialogue regarding your audition piece. Be prepared to talk about your work, inspirations and influences. Tell us what motivates you to learn, explore and experiment in your areas of interest. You should also share how you think the programme will help you in your future career choices.

International applicants If you are unable to attend the admissions workshop and interview in person, an online session will be arranged for you.


£9,250 - UK Home Fee (Unfortunately, UK based students will not be eligible for a tuition fee or maintenance loan through Student Loans Company for this course.)

£21,250 - Overseas Fee (including Singaporeans and Singapore PR)

For YEAR 2 & YEAR 3 fees visit