We offer this year’s Resolution as a dancing eulogy to the late, and very great John Ashford (1944-2023).

John was The Place’s Theatre Director from 1986 to 2009 and died just before Christmas after a short illness. Resolution, which has been part of The Place’s program for over 30 years, was his idea. For 5 or 6 weeks every year, the theatre devotes itself to a cycle of triple bills that has brought over two thousand new pieces of choreography to our stage. Such was John’s relentless enthusiasm that for 15 years he watched every single night.

The festival is about experiment. Trying out a new idea or choreographing for the first time. Many choreographers have started their careers here and gone on to great things. In John’s words, he was always looking for ‘the oak in the acorn’. But that is not the heart of this festival. Really, it’s about the personal power of making and sharing art. John devoted his life to this and the waves he created will continue to dance across the oceans for decades to come. - Eddie Nixon, Artistic Director of The Place

Tonight's Performance: Fri 9 Feb, 7.30pm

Running Time: 90 mins (incl. two intervals)
Age Recommendation: 'You Do You (a work in progresss)' is suitable for all audiences. 'Magnetorceception' is suitable for all audiences but has an age recommendation of 12+ due to the complexity of stories. 'Compete for Me' contains nudity.
Content Awareness: Bright lights, loud noises, haze, strobe lighting and nudity

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You Do You (A Work in Progress) - ThisEgg

You Do You is a work in progress dance-based performance. Linzy and Josie are thinking about why some places have revolutions and other places don’t. Don’t worry, they’re just thinking about it. And moving around it. And, sometimes talking it out. But quietly when they do. They’re not going to make any noise. They’re not going to set fire to anything. They’re not going to start a riot. This is a safe space after all.

Cast and Credits

Co-creator / Performer: Josie Dale-Jones
Co-creator / Performer: Linzy Na Nakorn
Collaborators: Solène Weinachter, Frederic Lilje, Caroline Williams and Rachel Lemon, Stefanie Müller
Lighting Designer: Lucy Adams
Music: Hannah Ledwidge

Magnetoreception - Odyl Creations

Magnetoreception is an electrifying journey through the pulsating rhythms of human connections. It's a dance of passion and pain, a symphony of souls drawn together and pulled apart, all narrated by the mesmerising choreography of magnets in motion. The dancers, driven by their own life experiences, take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, unveiling the intimate moments that have sculpted them into the individuals they are today.

Cast and Credits

Produced by: Odyl Creations
Choreographers: Sarah Hirsch and Philip McDermott
Dancers: Sarah Hirsch and Philip McDermott
Sound Design: Stacy Outrageous
Costume Design: Florence Meredith
Movement Editor: Jordan James Bridge

Compete For Me - Lewis Walker

An autobiographical, queer reimagining of a gymnastics competition, Walker explores themes of escapism and intense desire to conjure vivid and often ridiculous imagery. Compete For Me is Walker’s debut show since transitioning from international Acrobatic Gymnastics to performance artist. Taking inspiration from the strict and rigid arena of gymnastics, Compete For Me follows the human compulsion to seek meaning through success and sacrifice. With a background in gymnastics, Walker fuses physical theatre, experimental choreography, fashion and gymnastics, to world-build a melancholic and dystopian atmosphere through a queer lens.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer/Performer: Lewis Walker
Performers: Sarah Lewis, Michele Occelli, Zhuo Chen
Rehearsal Director: Yen-Ching Lin
Styling: Chadd Curry
Lighting Designer: Laurie Loads
Set Design: Rubino Wilson

Previous Performances

Too Much, Too Many, All the Time - Alice Ortona Coles

'Too Much, Too Many, All the Time’ confronts feelings of overwhelm in our complex, fast-paced, politically-fraught world. Desperately trying to stay afloat, Alice seeks refuge in her imagination, dreaming up alternative existences through spoken word, costume, dance and song, exploring the intersection between our rich, internal worlds and lived realities. In this land of make-believe, she reconnects with reality by listing everything she hates, from the banal (losing her keys) to the deeply personal (not speaking to her brother). Alone in this performative world, she finally realises that what she hates most is isolation.

The play between the everyday and the creative imagination is comical, painful and true, but ultimately, she finds lightness in these human contradictions.

Cast & Credits

Choreographer and performer: Alice Ortona Coles
Music: Jake Burgess
Mentoring and support from Cecilia MacFarlane, Angelique Wilkie and Mélanie Demers.
Lighting: Ed Saunders

SKUMO - Orla Hardie

SKUMO is a double act that explores 'The Uncanny'. The duet looks at the incongruous balance of dark despair and comedic undertones that can sit side by side. It slips between darkness and light bringing waves of frantic intensity and fragile tenderness. The pairing and costumes hint at vaudeville theatre and clowns whilst being general enough to represent us all. Dynamic changes in the soundtrack alter the mood and tone. At times the beauty of slow strings music is at odds with the fast pace and energy of the movement. With influences of slapstick and dark humour, nonsensical pockets of narrative appear and disappear carving a window to the mangled unconscious.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Orla Hardie in collaboration with Daisy Dancer
Dancers: Orla Hardie and Daisy Dancer
Sound arrangement: Orla Hardie featuring Bær by Hildur Guðnadóttir
Photographer: Ozzy Berzin-Cohen

Valley Fold - Adél Bálint

Do we truly care about one another or are we simply to be discarded?

Using origami, meditating and music, "Valley Fold" explores the use of well-being tools and calming activities to escape the noise, both from the world and our inner self. The piece also questions the idea of feeling used for the benefit of others around us.

By humanising paper structures, the performers are giving them a chance to express themselves and perhaps turn things around. Embark on a journey which is mysterious and funny with moments of deep reflection.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Adél Bálint
Dancers: Naya Lovell, Angélique Blasco, Dylan Tedaldi, Adél Bálint
Composer: Frédéric Despierre
Set: Frédéric Despierre

(un)do - Vanessa Tang and Natalie Pirarak

(un)do is a project series that seeks to harmonise the technologically disrupted mind and body. Phase one of this project is a performance that serves as a demonstration of this internal experience. It presents a process of healing through mind embodiment, raising awareness of wellbeing by aligning the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

A natural translation process of motion to audio and water cymatics (ripples reacting to hertz) is enabled by technology. The designed environment intends to mimic the mirroring exercise in a movement therapy session, enhancing the sense of empathy and engagement for all participants. The goal of this performance is not limited to telling a story of the dancer, Sandy Yip, but to create resonance in the room through mind and body connection.

Cast and Credits:

Co-Director/Production Manager: Vanessa Tang
Co-Director/Design Director: Natalie Pirarak
Dancer: Sandy Hoi Shan Yip
Choreographer: Congfang Xiao (Spring)
Musical Director: Max West
Costume Designer: Timothy Jia Huei Goh

Step Jockey - Jorden Brooks

Step Jockey is a hypnotic dance performance which captivates and celebrates the contagious relationship between electronic dance music and movement. With a live onstage DJ set, Step Jockey invites the audience to surrender to the power of electronic music and join the dancers in their infectious and repetitive interplay, drawn from honest experiences of social dance. Please enjoy our live demonstration of '4 on the floor.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Jorden Brooks
Dancers and Co-Creators: Allegra Vistalli and Euan Stephen
Composer: DJ Balbo
Photographer: Elly Welford
Videographer: Kamal Macdonald

Several Desperate Attempts - Jack Trotter

Several desperate attempts is a piece of contemporary dance-theatre exploring the concept of fame. It questions the lengths that people are willing to go to for the super-filthy-rich and famous life. Inspired by pop culture phenomena and controversiality – Lady Gaga’s meat dress, Sinead O’Connor ripping a photo of The Pope and Britney Spears shaving her head to name a few. The performers attempt to reimagine and mock iconically shocking moments such as these in a series of shameless and integrity-lacking nonsense; pleading to the audience to be the centre of a media circus, they will stop at nothing until this is achieved.

Cast and Credits:

Choreographer: Jack Trotter
Performers and co-creators: Sylvie Holder, Ben Yorke-Griffiths, James Mounsey, Jorden Brooks, Kate Howden, Daisy Dancer, Chasmine Fay Roma Tangen
Music: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Stylist: Jack Trotter in collaboration with Gaby Yiannakou
Videographer: Kamal Macdonald

Aria - Hattie Musgrove

Performed by a dancer and a cellist, Aria is a duet between the audible and the physical. The work explores music and found sound being the impetus for movement, and also movement being given permission to influence the live music. Shifts in control drive the work through a journey to find a harmonious understanding between what you can see and what you hear. The work encapsulates what it means to work with a live musician through the coherence and interruption of contrasting sound and movement.

Cast and Credits

Dancer and choreographer: Hattie Musgrove
Cellist: Verity Lawrence
Videographer: Mike Bignell
Music credits: Out With the Old, In With the New Flesh by Blessed Initiative, Cadence by Travis Lake, By The Sea (live) by Anna Phoebe, Jake Downs, Trans Voices & Richard Bundy, Jungle by Mark Broom and Dex by EdIT
Commissioned and supported by Lîla Dance

We've Had Such a Lovely Time - Araminta Wraith

‘We’ve had such a lovely time’
‘Haven’t we!’
‘The thing is... I can’t do it anymore.’
‘Can’t do what?’
‘Us. I don’t want to do Us anymore.’
‘I’m sorry what?’
‘I love you but I’m saying goodbye now.’

Combining dance and dialogue We’ve Had Such a Lovely Time explores the lives of Mia and Annie – childhood best friends, lovers, each other’s everything.
Their unravelling love affair mirrors Mia’s relationship with dance, passionate but deeply uneasy, where everything can be sacrificed in pursuit of excellence.

How hard could it possibly be to walk away?

Cast and Credits

Performer and Creator: Araminta Wraith
Co-creator: Dan Sherer
Performer and Collaborator: Nancy Kettle
Cellist: Olivier Van Den Hende
Lighting designer: Abigail Sage
Sound designer: Dylan Winn-Davies
Sound operator: Phoebe Gosling
Rehearsal collaborator: Chris Akrill

If any of these themes have affected you here are some helpful links:

Sweet England - Sylvie Holder

Sweet England is a work that delves into the undocumented realities of peasantry within Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Having endured a muted existence, the people of serfdom remain today as nameless custodians of an untold history. Choreographer, Sylvie Holder weaves an imagined tapestry that unravels on stage as an organic anthology of happenings, a series of proposed experiences. Sweet England delivers not the physical truth but elicits the fortitude of the human spirit and its unwavering nature to feel.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Sylvie Holder
Composer: Wilfred Kimber
Performer: Ben Yorke Griffiths, Jack Trotter, James Mounsey, Chasmine Fay, Lucy Rutter, Kate Howden, Jorden Brooks, Euan Stephen, Hannah Durkan, Daisy Dancer and Molly Williams

Timothy - Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley

Timothy originally worked as a contemporary dancer before retraining as an Enclosure Assistant as part of the Government’s ReThink. ReSkill. ReBoot. program. Although Timothy's passion remains in the arts, he now enjoys working at The Great Zoo and his main duty includes cleaning the cage of a solitary chimpanzee, also called Timothy. Although they have never met, Timothy has grown quite fond of Timothy and feels that in some way… they are the same…

Part psychological thriller, part biomechanical study, Timothy is a dance-theater narrative which explores themes of loneliness, isolation and our primal need to connect.

Cast and Credits

Devised and Performed by Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley

Spectrum - Manon Servage

Two options. Two boxes. Two extremities.
Right or wrong, black or white, gay or straight… Being labelled as something or someone, before having the time to discover who you are. Being judged no matter what compartment you’ve been placed in. Your voice not even reaching someone’s ears.
But what if life was a Spectrum? A spectrum you could navigate on. A spectrum including all of the nuances, depths and colours.

Cast and Credits

Dancers: Coralie Calfond, William James, Wil Trash, Naissa Bjørn, Felicity Chadwick, Manon Servage, Daniel Perry and Zach Parkin.
Music: Tom Van Wee, Woodju and Koki Nakano

H A y w I R e - In Between Collective

Hair as an extension of the body. How does your hair look today? What does it say about you? H A y w I R e is an exploration of the idea of self-expression. Our inner selves get perceived through our appearance, from inside to outside and how the hair gets involved. A journey where external influences can affect your innermost side as well as the deepest experience of yourself modifies your external presence. In Between Collective creates a movement language blended between the two dance forms of flamenco and contemporary dance. The performers invite the audience to experience the dialogue between them and the result of its research.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer and dancer: Lydia Ayllón
Choreographer and dancer: Sara Canabal

Attached - Chi-Hsuan Lin

Attached draws inspiration from the behaviour of hermit crabs, exploring the constant need to relocate and how each move reshapes one's concept of 'home'.

In this unique world, where living beings and inanimate objects engage in conversations about their migration histories, they strive to attach themselves to whatever they encounter, offering mutual assistance, negotiating, and forming queues in their quest for survival. What strategic decisions will guide their next relocation?

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Chi-Hsuan Lin
Performer and Co-creators: Amelia Macqueen, Diana Snizhko, Yun Cheng
Music Designer: Elisabet Dijkstra

As of Right Now - Nicola Adilman

As of Right Now explores storytelling, visual art images and movement associated with life drawing and modelling. Combing fine art with the strange and silly experiences of a modern, multifaceted woman, As of Right Now brings the audience into the present moment, to shed light on the imperfections of our day-to-day life and to witness the beauty of it. As two visual artists orient themselves with the performer, the audience will witness the fluidity of the artists’ lines as they dance with the moving body. A meditative state will be adopted, and the room will become immensely alive.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer and Performer: Nicola Adilman (she/her)
Visual Artists: Georgie Huxley (she/her) and Ushara Dilrukshan (she/her)
Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom (she/her)
Costume Designer: Jacob Elliott Roberts (he/him)
Sound Design: Ushara Dilrukshan
Music: DjRUM, Touched and Ushara Dilrukshan
Voiceover and Text by Nicola Adilman and Michèle Muzzi

Glimtar - Madeleine Klintenberg Jonsson and Sara Augieras

Glimtar was originally created at the edge of the Baltic Sea. It was born from a desire to reclaim the use of public areas as creative and interactive spaces. Water, as an element and as a location for gathering, has traditionally connected people throughout the world. The dance piece combines the reassuring and cleansing aspect of water with its more enigmatic and mysterious character found in tales of mermaids and sea creatures. You will be transported to an enchanted world of chiaroscuro, immersed in the sound and smells of the sea, where the sinuous tangled dance responds to live music.

Cast and Credits

Choreographers and Performers: Madeleine Klintenberg Jonsson and Sara Augieras

Many thanks to
Composer: Camilla Isola
Technical support: Nils Bossius Klintenberg and Michael Taylor
Photography: Dimitri Djuric
Space support: Will Bridgland and Aiste Garbauskaite

Stap (St-AH-p) - Francesca Matthys

Stap (St-AH-p) a new solo work, draws from the performers’ ‘Stepping in Situ’ practice informed by her South African lineage, spiritual and artistic practice. In conversation with original adaptations of the Nama Stap Rite of Passage Dance, the practice acknowledges the pelvis as a site that holds ancestral wisdoms, intuition and identity. The work draws from this aesthetically and thematically as she reconfigures these connections as a South African away from the land of many of her ancestors, now living on the land that echoes the colonial histories of her people.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer and dancer: Francesca Matthys
Costume design and creation by Mia Tongo Mesembe
Live Music by Michael Mendones

Yonder - Joshua Yates

Yonder is based on a story written by the choreographer. A non-binary character who uproots their previous life and creates a new identity elsewhere, cutting all their existing ties. The piece picks up years later, as their only sibling finds them, and persuades them to return to their hometown. Portraying feelings of unfamiliarity, becoming, solitude, and curiosity through the lens of the main character, Yonder explores how these feelings affect both the relationship with this character’s only sibling, and the actions that follow.

'I can't even indulge enough to understand what it is'

Cast & Credits

Rehearsal director/Dancer: Nicola Adilman
Dancers: Jordan Boyle, Tom Rowlands, Ella Sophoclides and Hsinyu Wu
Photo credits: Michelle Rose
Costume Design: Jacob Elliott Roberts
Music: Tommy Khosla

Dear Adult, - Wency Lam

Dear Adult, bring your little ones to this theatrical manifestation of a storybook. The adult narrator will talk you through a child’s adventure into the inner world where we can fly, become an astronaut, and tell our friends the secrets of the underworld. But what will happen when the narrator steps into the story? Dear Adult, is a dance theatre performance for all ages, fun for children and thought-provoking for adults. It takes the form of children’s storytelling while discussing how our childhood can continue to affect us as adults. Dear Adult, listen inward, do you hear what the child has to say?

Cast & Credits

Producer & Director: Wency Lam
Devising performers: Maggie Chan Tin Lok, Eden Rae Nathenson, Wency Lam
Art director: Maggie Chan Tin Lok
Sound design: Michael Tang, Jonathan Yang
Dramaturgical support: Tenzin Choezin
Photo credits: Romina Dazzarola Forno

33 RPM - Chiara Martina Halter

33 RPM is a response to the cost-of-living crisis and the ongoing growth in socio-economic segregation.

Combining set design, contemporary movement language, and opera, the piece brings up the question of nature versus nurture and confronts our individual illusions of self-determination. It addresses the feelings that come with a loss of agency and visualises peoples’ competing efforts as the duet takes place on a moving treadmill.

33 RPM
serves as a reminder that the race is rigged and that, whether we like it or not, we are all just the product of our environment.

Cast & Credits

Choreography: Chiara Martina Halter
Performance: Chiara Martina Halter and Alessia Tomassi Marinangeli
Song: Paula Günther
Costume Design: NCCFN group - Simon Anliker and Chiara Martina Halter
Supported by: Ugly Duck and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

The Agony of Definition - Kitty Pilgrim-Morris

Claybourne has been in this place as long as they can remember, and they are sure there is something they have to tell you. However, they cannot seem to remember what it was.

Stuck in this Sisyphean nightmare, Claybourne once again embarks on the task of trying to remember, of trying to tell you - as they did the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that…

The Agony of Definition is a dance theatre tragicomedy, a journey through words that darts between the boundary of hyperbolised performance and honest vulnerability. Answers and absolutes provide us with security, but what happens when the answer does not come?

Cast and Credits

Director/Performer: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Rehearsal Assistance/Dramaturgy: Scilla Rajalin, Mark Crawley, Jack Trotter
Sound Designer: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Set Design: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Set Design Assistance: George Bennett
Stylist: Jack Trotter
Sound Mastering: Toby Print
Prop Building: James Pilgrim-Morris

Special thanks to Ellie Chick, Alex Turner, Jenna Boyd, Daisy Dancer, Christy Paul, Will Bridgland and the Resolution team, The Henley Standard, Henley Leisure Centre and Studio Wayne MacGregor

Awakening - Chaldon Williams

Awakening is a Hip-Hop theatre experience exploring what black royalty would look like today, and how we might share influence, knowledge and power in a positive way. It will explore identity, empowerment, men’s mental health for black, intergenerational audiences.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Chaldon Wiliams
Dancer: Lyndon DaSilva
Dancer: Korinthia Hockell
Dancer: Matthew Eudu

9 Tales of a Bitch - Sunhi Willa Keller

Long, long ago, there was a woman named Kumiho who lived between two worlds. She transformed between human form and a fox with nine extravagant tails. She was a temptress who lured men in, only to eat their hearts out. Or so they say. This is her story.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Sunhi Willa Keller
Performers: Sua Tsubokura-Aguiriano, Jiwon Oh and Sunhi Willa Keller

Hinterlands - How to Look the Part - Vittorio Pagani

There is a red line between the hinterland in which I live and the one inside me. Imagine a world that constantly changes, approaching its end. Imagine its people, filled with rage and love, living a life hiding their true selves to survive.
Taking its cues from analyzing how mass media and movies change our perception of violence and power, 'Hinterlands - How to Look the Part' explores the effects of toxic masculinity and affirming one’s individuality through spoken words, dance and video projections. This work is dedicated to those who stand alone, even when surrounded by lots of people.

Cast and Credits

Concept and Choreography: Vittorio Pagani
Performers: Davide Iacobone and Vittorio Pagani
Original texts: Vittorio Pagani
Production: LARVÆ
Executive Production: Equilibrio Dinamico Company

PΛNOPTICON - Tarantism

In the eighteenth century, Jeremy Bentham invented an architectural structure for social control, a prison called Panopticon in which the cells are always visible. Foucault suggested that this Panopticon idea is how everyday life functions in modern societies since this external gaze becomes internalised inducing individuals to surveil themselves.

In the piece Panopticon, the red hands rule the rest of the body and they are constantly watching, surveilling, and policing its actions, while the rest of the body represents the human spirit, the constant fight to preserve the human instinct and individual mind in a society where humans become increasingly mechanical and interested in controlled outcomes and statistical rules.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer / Performer: Vasiliki Papapostolou
Music Composer / Sound designer: Christopher Nas
Lighting Designer: Emma Gasson

In All Black, Nothingness Began To Spin - Seirian Griffiths and Aurora Casatori

Our cells interlinked, within one stem

Confronted with a mirror image in an unfamiliar void, two strangers find themselves in a confusing face-off. Through a series of tests, they begin to find conflict and distrust. Is there reconciliation to be found, or are they on a downward spiral into confusion and chaos?

Using dialogue from Blade Runner, No Country For Old Men, and Fight Club, woven into an originally composed score, 'In All Black, Nothingness Began To Spin' is an exploration of power dynamics, control, and mutual challenge.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer/performer: Aurora Casatori and Seirian Griffiths
Composer: Seirian Griffiths
Lighting design: Andrew Ellis
Rehearsal direction: Lauren Ablett

Duet - Hannah Waters

Hannah was five years old when her great aunt, constructivist artist Jean Spencer, passed away. She grew up hearing stories about Jean, with her paintings displayed in the family home, and one memory of a day spent together in Richmond Park.
This movement work is an expression of their relationship, a connection sustained despite Jean’s absence, and developed through encounters with her archives. It uses pattern, repetition, shape, and gesture, inspired by how Jean constructed her artwork through geometry and mathematical sequence.

Cast and Credits

Devised and performed by Hannah Waters

What About The Rain? - Aishwarya Raut

What About The Rain?’ is a contemporary dance piece inspired by Mumbai's monsoon season. It explores the concept of hyperreality by sparking questions about authenticity, representation in the digital realm and the surreal nature of our existence alongside other creatures. In essence, it questions the rain's significance and its interconnectedness with our inner selves and the world around us.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer/Dancer: Aishwarya Raut
Dancers: Antonello Sangirardi, Angelique Blasco, Alex Soulliere, Caiti Carpenter, Cali Hollister, Dylan Tedaldi, Jonathan Wade, Max Day and Seren Williams
Music: Dylan Tedaldi, Neska and James Smithells aka The Last Morrell
Photography: Antonello Sangirardi andCamilla Greenwell
Video: Ben Chapman

On The Other Side《彼岸》by Yee Kei Yuki Chung

On The Other Side《彼岸》explores the emotional impact on people who have experienced the death of others, imaginary death, and the imaginary contact between the dead and the living.
In Resolution 2024, we will be presenting the 6th stage of new development of On The Other Side《彼岸》, which brings on an added element and focus on resilience. This next stage walks through how we live through traumatic experience such as sorrow, grief, and anger, to then build resilience. After traumatic experiences, we can re-find and regain power to become a new stronger person. We hope this performance resonates not only with people who have found the strength to get up in their past, but also empower people who are still finding their strength.

Cast & Credits

Choreographer: Yee Kei Yuki Chung
Devisers and performers: Mac Daniel Villanueva, Matthew Oliver Brion, Richard Wallace Pye, Hsuan Yu Tsao, Joshua Lannon Frazer
Music: Mikey Parsons, Andrea Di Falco, Daniel Lukehurst, Yee Kei Yuki Chung, and found music.

Supported by Thea Barnes Legacy Fund
Special thanks to Kieran Lee Covell for helping me with the project inside and outside studio throughout the preparation for Resolution 2024..

Non Playable Character - GLENN HUDSON - DEFINITIVES

This show touches on the term NPC - NON PLAYABLE CHARACTER - and how its meaning has entered and affected the real world. From gaming to politics to social media, using movement and musicality, this show explores its playful origins through to its twisted developments and similarities.

Cast and Credits

Constellation of Awakening - Nefeli Kentoni

“No longer enough to contain life,

The horizon disappeared,


faded into one.

Ground and sky became one.


The darkest darkness.”

Constellation of Awakening is an audio-visual performance about a world plunged into eternal darkness; a reality interrupted by dreams. The audience is invited to count sheep, fall asleep, and traverse through surreal landscapes, while being confronted by a world of contradictions. Constellation of Awakening is an invitation to a shared dream, an attempt to make this reality - less painful. And who knows, maybe in the morning the world will be different.

Cast and Credits

Writer/Director: Nefeli Kentoni
Performers/Devisers: Fatima Rodriguez, Santi Guillamon and Gaia de Buchy
Music Composition: Manos Stratis
Photographer: Dimitris Loutsios

Revolver - Lizzy Tan

What is new work in the era of social media 'templates,' endless cloud storage and meme-ory? Revolver reflects on authorship, archive and repertoire in the contemporary artist’s navigation of digital and live cultures. This solo stitches together material captured over a decade from the choreographer’s archive, performed on-stage and through interactions with projections. Revolver presents the body as an avatar - interrogating the boundaries between past/present, archive/repertoire and citation/creation.

Cast and Credits

Creative Direction Consultant: Carly Lave
Artist Collaborator: Frieda Luk

LEUCA - Emma Skyum

Dedicated to the passing of time, self-realisation, and acceptance, LEUCA is a reflective and introspective choreographic work about queer discovery. A female solo unfolds using hyper-presence and minimalism to create physical images of sensitivity and vulnerability. The work reflects longing for connection, between the self and reality. Its introspectiveness, the silence it offers, and the headspace it represents. Movement stimulated by lived experiences, its distinction between empty space and imagery. Finding pleasure in presence. Finding pleasure in the minimal. Moments of passion, of desire, in whichever movement scale. LEUCA allows for improvisation; For movement to become moments of conversation between one body and many; And for the story of LEUCA, abstract, to simply exist and be.

Cast and Credits

Choreography: Emma Skyum
Cast: Emma Skyum
Photography: Isaac Chutch
Sound: Milen Apostolov

A Good Scare is a Wonderful Aphrodisiac - Aimée Ruhinda

Enter this occult trip mixing earth and blood, poetry and pornography, a spell is cast against suppression and obedience.
This piece explores the witch archetype as a reborn feminist symbol, using fantasy realms to interact with human reality in celebration of the rebellious potentials of the gothic psyche. This ceremony awakens primal essence through Butoh ideology, oversaturating the raw real to become surreal. The coven holds a mirror to your deepest fears as a mechanism to better understand them, shapeshifting into their inner demons to confront and reclaim the self. Join us to cackle in the face of logic.

Cast and Credits

Dancers: Alessia Tomassi Marinangeli, Ana Noakes, Chiara Martina Halter, Ellie Broom, Kiera O’Reilly and Zuzanna Wasiak
Photographer: Grace Richardson
Music: Krzysztof Penderecki and Michael Mendones

Resurrection - Samantha Harding

The dancers are inside your brain. Each of them represents a past version of yourself. You're interrogating yourself about who you used to be, who you want to become, and how you will get there. Your progress is interrupted, triggering a breakdown. You try desperately to stay afloat, but the rug has been pulled out from underneath you and it's hard to navigate in the black hole that is your emotions. Eventually the fog clears, you've gained new perspective. You acknowledge how far you've come and realise that you will actually be ok, no matter what. Then you keep going.

What does it feel like when a major part of your life falls apart? How do you rebuild your sense of self and find new purpose? How do you physicalise that feeling of dread that hits you when you wake up in the morning and remember what happened? What is the relationship between what you’re feeling on the inside and how you present your emotions externally? These themes are contrasted with colourful, psychedelic visuals and set to an eclectic soundtrack as four dancers take you on a journey through breakdown, change and resurrection.

Cast and Creatives

Choreographer: Samantha Harding
Dancers: Maddi Campbell, Antonia Latz, Christiana Stewart, Rebecca Thorne
Composer:Samuel Raison

Woman in the Attic - Paulina Krzeczkowska

The piece, inspired by the romantic tropes of the mad woman, explores gender and the place of femininity in the social and literary contexts. Influenced by the characters of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and of Bertha from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, it tells a story of a Polish woman, her experiences of female agency, and her desire for self-determination. Woman in the Attic starts with a 'traditional' narrative structure, where the text frames the discourse, only to let it unravel into a visceral journey of self-discovery. Employing spoken word, folk singing, and choreographed physical actions, Krzeczkowska presents an unsettling and at times comical image of femininity.

Cast and Credits

Devised and Performed: Paulina Krzeczkowska
Music Director: Emma Bonnici
Photographer: Krystian Godlewski
Editing Designer: Josa Taylor

Special thanks to Centre 151 and Tramshed Woolwich for being our home for the first stage of development of this project.

Chaconne - chalk.ac

A prayer, death and rebirth, a journey through mourning. Bach's masterful Chaconne, was written in a time of grief, and is experienced here through sound and movement. A violinist and a dancer each bringing their individual voices to a joint exploration of this timeless work.

Cast & Credits

Dancer, choreographer and concept: Caroline Felkins
Violinist and concept: Raphael Papo

Do it again. - Elly Trent, Olia Poliakova and Callum Murray

And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Are you ready now?

Do it again explores the playful, challenging and tedious act of practice. With elements of the performance determined by the audience moments before the show begins, the performers are thrown into a real time rehearsal. You are invited to witness the mistakes, triumphs, nuances and interactions that practice brings, over and over again and again and again and again and again.

Are you ready now?

Cast and Credits

Choreographers: Olia Poliakova, Elly Trent
Co-creator/Composer: Callum Murray
Devised with and Performed by: Olivia Foskett, Maisie Faul and Petter Skurdal
Photographers: Charmaine Nicole Hiller and Eloise Frey
Lighting Designer: Marie Colahan

Hold of Us - Ella Swannell Amalfitano

Hold of Us is a contemporary dance theatre performance that delves into the human condition through a series of poetic snapshots, portraying the characters' individual and shared experiences. Within this heart-wrenching world, the characters navigate between apparent emotional and interpersonal dissociation, along with feelings of longing and despair. The work carries a hypnotic yet unsettling tone, featuring a bold pacing as the cast moves deliberately, often in stilted rhythms, as if bearing the weight of the world within their bodies.

Cast and Credits

Choreography: Ella Amalfitano
Lighting: Josh How
Shot by: Sam Amos
Editing: Anna Heighway

Performers & collaborators: Joshua Owen, Edwina Pereir, Harrison Yafai, Ellie Mcdonald, Doa Uluclar, Katharina Willrett
Collaborators: Chen Yin, Mengling Li, Hui Xiang
Music/Sounds: A Terkisher in the Majestic Harbour-Valeria’s Klezmer Chariot, Submarine Steady & Sonar

The Chair - Terry Smith

The Chair is not an attempt to explain the feelings of loss, grief and guilt by those left behind when someone takes their own life. It is just about the rawness and emptiness of trying to understand those mixed emotions and trying to come to terms with the unanswerable question, why?

Dance, which is a joyful and energetic experience might seem a strange place to deposit such sadness. But dance has a history of dealing with difficult and sometimes taboo subjects. But because dance is usually wordless it is the ideal vehicle to express complex emotions and ideas, in a sense those things we struggle to find words for.

Cast and Credits

Associate Choreographer: Paola Piccato
Performer: Lise Boucon

La Na - Jasmin Saulo and TNG : HE

TNG : HE presents La Na, an abstract piece evocative of the human experience of healing, sourcing influence from an emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological perspective. La Na explores the rawness and perpetuation of human emotion, ultimately demonstrating the non-linear nature of healing and its uniqueness to each person. Originating from the Filipino phrase ‘bahala na’ meaning ‘come what may’, La Na encapsulates the expansiveness of a healing journey and embraces the cracks of a broken soul, with lightness, strength and surrender, to curate something beautiful and indelible in its truest form.

Cast and Credits

Creative Director/Choreographer: Jasmin Saulo
Founder/Creative Director: Ricky Labib
Creative Producer: Sally Fry

Cast with Creative contribution: Adam Coyne, Andrew Cording, Arvin Daryl Odell, Dexter Obi, Jay Allen, Jean Ceballos Ruge, Jesus Kalu, Jordan Barrow, Josh Gill, Josh Rose, Kci J Lee, Kit Mccoy, Lamar Senior, Marcellus Hill, Mirlind Bega, Sheehan Parsons

Additional creative contributions: Aaron Gonzales, Curtis Holder, Danyul Fullard, Gregory Armand, Hakeem Tinubu, Jacob McLay Reid, Jordan Hornett, Jordan Quayson, Miekalie Browne

We would like to give credit to CODY Studios and Open Ealing for the provision of rehearsal space throughout our creative process.

Souvenir - Fabio Pronesti

Souvenir reconsiders what we kept close. A body retraces a series of memories from the past and, in the attempt of pouring them into the space it gets confused by what is familiar, entangling the voices that are certain. Lights of deception, the smell of a smoke, a way of capturing each others’ hands: some possibilities from yesterday rooted within our desires and then framed. The work, presented as a first study, is driven by the intention to establish different procedures through which get in touch with memories, making them present, questioning the role of the performative body and its archival features. Within the landscape crafted by sound engineer Beatrice Balagna, Fabio brings to light lived spaces, currents in which he immersed himself and some precious relics: other beliefs that were real

Cast and Credits

Concept and performer: Fabio Pronesti
Sound design: Beatrice Balagna
Photographer: Lorenzo Tombesi
Supported by: KLAK - Stories for Artists, Atelier delle Arti

Jameywamey - A Tribute To Ólafur

This piece is structured improvisation. I’ve performed this piece a few times over the years. The music, structure and idea are the same, but I am always changing, as a person, and dance artist. I will try my best to find my vulnerability and honesty in my moments, not to perform, but to try to share with you how I am right now. I hope I, as the observed, and you as the observer, lose our expectations, of each other, and ourselves.

I hope we can both let go of the things, holding us back from feeling what we need to feel.

Cast and Credits

Creator and Performer: James Olivo

Poem of Rua - Matthew Howard

Beyond the form and materiality. Two bodies in unbroken motion, moving simultaneously through a continuously shifting landscape.

Poem of Rua
is a multidisciplinary performance that combines two distinctive cultural movement identities. It seamlessly combines contemporary and Eastern dance styles, along with real-time interactive projections that use a motion capture system. The performance is enhanced by ambient and electronic music that has a cinematic touch.

A relationship forms between the performers, garments, movement and interactive projections as all come together to create a visual synergy. The performers are concealed by the costumes, which have become an extension of their original form and movement, hiding their true identity. A harmonious balance is created where two opposite cultures, bodies and languages meet, spiraling in a poetic duet.

Cast and Credits

Director and Designer: Matthew Howard
AV Designer: Amiangelika
Dramaturgy and Assistant: Carlota dos Santos
Assistant: Yağmur Taçar
Performers: Donna Kim and Fan Jiayi
Music: Magnus Westwell, Reworked by Panna Hyun

Abandhana - Divya Ravi

Abandhana (Pāli - ‘Unfettered’) is a dance-theatre-musical immersion into the heart-breaking honesty, beauty and depth of Therigāthā (Songs of Theri-s), the earliest known anthology of women’s literature.

Virtuosic and expressive Bharatanatyam movement vocabulary is used to draw parallels between the unapologetic choice of the Theri-s to ‘renounce’, and the nuanced choice of contemporary women to ‘renegotiate’ all that impedes them.

Live musicians are woven into the earthy spatial narrative, aspiring to expand the frontiers of Bharatanatyam’s form and content. Complex percussive structures reflect challenges, confusion, and trauma. Evocative pre-modern poetry in Pāli language serves as a conduit that clears the thorny path. Melodic cello passages layered atop a visceral Tibetan soundscape of chants, hymns, and gongs symbolize the healing destination.

Abandhana hopes to be an artistic reminder of our potential to pursue agency and freedom, inspired by the single-mindedness of Theri-s to release fetters that held them back.

Cast and Credits

Creator, Performer, Concept and Script Choreography: Divya Ravi

Pali Resource Scholar: Suhas Mahesh
Creative Inputs: Mavin Khoo
Lighting Design: Ali Hunter
Photos: Mithun Pai, Maya Yoncali

Commissioning Partners: SAA-UK, SAMPAD, Kadam Dance
Supporting Partners: Arts Council England, Pagrav Dance, East London Dance, Akademi
Music Composition & Vocals: Sharan Subramanian
Rhythms & Multi-percussions: Prathap Ramachandra
Cello: Liz Hanks

Manifesta - Marta Guerra Doblas (dobladanza)

Manifiesta is a journey into the very essence of what dance means to Gen Zs. It is an interactive contemporary dance piece, heavily influenced by urban styles and inspired by the vibrant world of "tiktok dance" culture that thrives among Gen Zs. The piece questions the purpose and utility of dance in the lives of the “lockdown” generation. It explores where dance finds its home now that we've moved into a digital space that seems to be much more valuable and profitable than the real world. "Manifiesta" opens conversations about identity, crafted personalities, authenticity, and the ever-evolving world of dance.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Marta Guerra Doblas
Producer and Performer: Diana Sofia Oliveira
Performers: Madison Mckenna, Eoin Ó Fíannachta, Filipa Santos, Katariina Korsimaa, Marta Gimeno Nafria and Mafalda Neiva Leal
Light Designer: Mikkel Svak
Photographer: Ivana Dramisino
Dance Technique Trainer: Tom Timothy Yugen

Picture Us Now - Jiwon Oh

Picture Us Now is a contemporary solo dance performance by Jiwon Oh. It is a shared experience between the artist and the audience, an intimate celebration of the here and now. Inspired by the cherished yet fleeting moments in our fast-paced lives, the performance invites viewers on a visual journey that awakens our senses to this very moment, blurring the boundary between performance and everyday life.

Cast and Credits

Choreography / performance: Jiwon Oh
Graphic design: Andee Sunwoo Lee

Forward to Nowhere - TwoFold Dance Theatre

Forward To Nowhere dissolves the boundary between art and process, questioning where one ends and the other begins. In collaboration with composer Seirian Griffiths, the work candidly explores the ongoing pursuit for meaning within the things we do and the art we create. Through TwoFolds' blend of contemporary dance and threading, the dancers navigate a complicated relationship with the stage, themselves and each other. A brutally honest, self reflective and humorous response to the experiences of creative block and breakthrough.

Cast and Credits

Choreographers/Performers: Laurie Case and Jan Wood
Composer: Seirian Griffiths
With support from UglyDuck, TripSpace and Bodies in Action.

Devil Fish - Silver-Tongue Studios

Lithe limbs curling free as a creeper. That writhes in this deep, soundless space. To enrol and envelop the sleeper, in a silent and stealthy embrace.

There are few bodies as impressive in its range of movement and ability to navigate space than the octopus. For this very reason it was one of the most demonised creatures in the 19th century. So much so, it was dubbed ‘the devil fish’ and stories were sewn of its darkness. This performance seeks to explore the undulating, convolving, propulsive movement of the octopus, and question what it means to be called ‘a monster’.

Cast and Credits

Creative direction: Ellye Van Grieken
Sound design: Guy-Stephane Kone
Choreography: Maddison Campbell
Movement: Maddison Campbell, Maeve Nolan and Antonia Latz

I Am. Am I - Louiseanne Pui Chi Wong

I Am. Am I (me, my fridge and I) is a work in progress - a human story told through movement, dance, and circus. Louiseanne explores their struggle with social norms, displacement, and unlearning how they were ‘conditioned’ in Hong Kong.

They question labelling theory - some given, some self-identifying (e.g. from-from, foreigner) - and raise awareness of social inequalities using a fridge, sloganised t-shirts, sound design, and urban anti-establishment forms like parkour, art du deplacement and krump.

Cast and Credits

Sound Designer: Sharon Tsang
Outside Eye / Movement Director: Aline David
Lighting Designer: Jen Roxburgh
Counselling Psychologist: Kasturi Torchia
Dramaturg: Daniel York Loh
Krump mentor: Amanda Pefkou
Crying Out Loud mentor: Rachel Clare
Production images: Shawn J Stephen

First work-in-progress sharing at The Lowry's Scratch Nights x Circus April 2023: The Lowry Artist Development Programme

Episodes of Blue - BlacBrik

Episodes of Blue showcases two choreographic duets, deeply rooted in black culture. "Death of The Bachelors" explores the bond between two elderly men reminiscing on life, highlighting the essence of friendship and time's passage. "Don't Step On My Shoes" unravels the pride and sentiment tied to iconic footwear in the black community, representing more than fashion; but a deep respect. These pieces intertwine tales of friendship, love, and identity, providing a captivating insight into the nuances of black cultural experiences.

Cast and Credits

Choreographers: Nahum McLean and Darius Drooh
Lighting Designer: Joshie Harriette - Lab13
Photography: Jack Thomson

as they danced their body shed - Madi Plunkett

New body, new space observe yourself, consume yourself, embody yourself.

The piece is an abstract exploration of trans and queerness in the body and how it makes us move, the relationship between our bodily experience and our movements as dancers and specifically what it feels like to move in a body you don’t necessarily align with.
5 dancers explore the sensations of their movements through the narrative of a group of bodies learning, playing and molding into a unit.

Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Madi Plunkett
Sound and lighting: Esme Lewis Gartside
Dancers: Mark Halton, Zac Priestley, Violetta Linares, Sophie Chinner, Vivian Guyrá Magalhães

The Place would like to thank Rambert and Sound Technology & Martin for their kind support of our Resolution Festival with intelligent lighting fixtures.