List of News Articles

  1. Image of a dancer. The background is black and they are arching over to the right hand side.

    Fri 20 May: Courtney McCarthy/Chandenie Gobardhan/Matthew Harding

  2. The image features two white female dancers with short dark hair. The floor and the background are both white. They are both wearing pink patterned trousers and short-sleeved blouses. One of the dancers is lying on the floor, while the other dancer is kneeling and bending over them with their head gently touching the other dancer’s shoulder.

    Thu 19 May: Dogstar Dance Theater/Anna Dunlop/Teresa Skamletz/ Simona Scotto & Counterpoint Dance Company

  3. Black and white image of a dancer in the studio. A barre is in the background running through the image. There are also windows. The dancer kneels down on one leg with the other leg out. They also have their hand on the floor which, along with their knee, they are using to support themselves.

    Wed 18 May: Nadenh Poan/Karlo Company/ Ester Natzijl Projects

  4. Image of a woman applying lipstick. The same woman is behind her and she looks away, smirking.

    Tue 17 May: Alice Labant/Gordon Raeburn/ EQ DANCE CO/ Rosie Russell

  5. Two dancers in the image, one is leaning down to the right whilst the other looks on. One wears a blue jacket and a black hat with a mask, the other a red jacket, grey hat and a mask.

    Sat 14 May: Marta Swierczynska/Ascension Dance Company/Jayde Edwards

  6. Image of five dancers all in a group huddled together. They make different shapes with their arms and bodies.

    Fri 13 May: Paris Crossley/Spot Flow Collective/Instigate Unknown

  7. Black and white image of five bodies onstage. Three are sitting on a table facing each other. Two are standing behind the chairs that two of the bodies are sitting on.

    Thu 12 May: Anna Alvarez/Kashish Gaba/ Dance.Film.Performance

  8. Image of a stage. A old photograph of a mother and daughter is suspended in the background. In the foreground on the right-hand side, Hannah Finn is on a black box, balancing in a position. Her body is contorted. On the left hand side are shoes and a small table.

    Wed 11 May: Marita Anastasi/Hannah Finn/Engholm Danseteater

  9. an abstract image of a performer with long blond hair dressed in a white dress looking away from the camera. There is a beam of light on her back and the background looks like a wearehouse.

    Tue 10 May: Laura Moy/Stošija Zrinksi/Bold Mellon Collective

  10. A male performer is on stage alone, he is wearing beige trousers and crouched to his right looking at his hand

    Sat 7 May: Gabriella Engdahl/Dom Czapski & Jamie Hamilton/Liam Francis