List of News Articles

  1. In this image four dancers lie on a white sheet with their hands above their heads. The image has been taken so that it appears the dancers are hanging upside down. Their hair is splayed on the floor and they are wearing red, black and bluish colours.

    Fri 10 June: Nimi Collective /Monica Tolia/AURA copy copy

  2. Image of two dancers dancing by the river. In the background are some high rise buildings and a view of the river. One dancer is leaning over to the left with their hands in the air above their heads. They are wearing a white long-sleeved crop top and a bluish dress. The other dancer is standing beside and wears yellow trousers and a patterned top.

    Thu 9th June: Colleen Bartley/Beithe Movement Collective/Serena Ruth & Franziska Boehm/Katie Serridge

  3. In the image the floor is white. A dancer dressed in yellow is kneeling on the floor. Another dancer wearing red Adidas stripe trousers and a grey top is lying in the other dancer's lap. They smile.

    Wed 8 June: Hannah Connor and Nadine Elise Muncey/Anhelo Collective/ella|ella with MOŸ MOŸ collective

  4. In the image there is a brick wall in the background. A dancer with black hair crouches over their body, lifting their right leg slightly so the foot is by the knee. The dancer is wearing all black.

    Tue 7 June: Hsing Ya Wu/Hannah Grace/Emma Stanworth

  5. Image of two dancers. They hold a football between their heads. One dancer is wearing black and has a black hat on. The other is wearing a white graphic t-shirt.

    Tue 31 May: Miriam Levy/House of Mirth/Casper Dillen

  6. Image of five dancers. They are have their eyes shut and hold on to each other. Their hands caress each other's faces.

    Mon 30 May: Payal Ramchandani/Elettra Giunta/Follow Through Collective

  7. Image of two dancers standing in front of a church. One is in the background dressed in blue, standing against the wall. The other is dressed in black and is slightly more in the foreground. They look pensive and lost in thought.

    Sat 28 May: Iolanda Portogallo/When Time Was New (Brooke Milliner)

  8. Image of a dancer on their shoulders with their legs up in the air. The light makes the image more blue. The dancer is wearing a shirt and jeans.

    Fri 27 May: Billy Morgan /Joel O'Donoghue/Sam Burkett

  9. Image of a dancer dressed in a grey top and grey dress kneeing down, turning slightly to the right so their right knee is hovering off the floor. Their arms are bent slightly so their hand is by their hip.

    Thu 26 May: Mara Vivas/Lawrie Smail (Imbeciles)/Vertebra Theatre

  10. Image of pieces of fragments of mirrored card on the floor. Some pieces are more crumpled than others. A body is on their back with their legs up in the air. The background and floor are black.

    Wed 25 May: Christine Sollie/SLiDE Collective/Grand Gesture

  11. Image of a body in the frame with pink hair. They cover their mouth with their right arm and cross their left arm across their chest so their elbow and left hand connect.

    Tue 24 May: Bodies in Action – enGendering Contemporary Dance/Laura Calcagno/ Tough Boys Dance Collective

  12. Image of five dancers standing in a line with a piece of wallpaper connecting them

    21 May: Giulia Roversi & muZo Dance Theatre Company/Joshua Harriette / Stephanie D. Handjiiska & Elena Marinova