Recruitment for Jan 2025 has been suspended while we take time to reshape this course in line with industry developments and offering world-leading quality across our postgraduate provision.

We encourage you to explore one of our other MA courses, each offering a unique interdisciplinary pathway to evolve your artistic practice.

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Make, Reflect, Reimagine

This course focuses on expanding your creative artistic practice in dance and related fields.

You will develop skills to contextualise, re-frame and challenge your practice and to plan research projects to resource and communicate your ideas.

Through workshops and seminars with faculty and invited artists, you will explore and discuss how your artistic ideas are conceptualised, developed, and experienced and how they can be situated within and across social, political, historical, and artistic contexts.

You will build a portfolio of work throughout the course, supported by the faculty, multiple visiting artists, mentors and peers, and you will explore how to invite audiences into relationships with your practice.

You will be part of a small group (8 - 15 students) so the exchanges are rich with peers, faculty and visiting artists.

I spent a long time looking for the right MA programme for me, and I found this one. It was a good mix of space to explore my movement practice and also bringing in my other interests like visual arts and voice

Loren McKillop

A large wooden studio and in the background you can see a wall that has A3 black and white art posters covering the majority of the wall, there is a ladder on the left hand side and a person crouching at the bottom of the wall putting up another poster
EDP Sharing 2022, 'Postering' by Loren McKillop, photo by Rocio Chacon

You are encouraged to:

  • Critically reflect on your own practice, acknowledging your personal narratives and histories
  • Be autonomous and self-motivated in your own learning
  • Come with an open mind and be willing to take risks