About The Passion of Andrea 2

It's a pleasure to be carried along by this gentle swindle, which echoes the absurdity of existence.

Belinda Mathieu, sceneweb

A nugget of talent and (false) lightness.

Amélie Blaustein Niddam, Toute la culture

A light, effective and sensitive blend of restraint, humour and the skirting of genres.

Geneviève Charras, L'Amuse Danse

Deviant behaviour, farcical humour, and fast-paced rhythm of the game galvanize the audience.

Writing about dance, Nicholas Minns and Caterina Albano

The Passion of Andrea 2 is like trying to hold soap when it’s wet. It is the solution that constantly escapes us. It is a medieval fable, magic trick, deadly game, bizarre dance-off, absurdist musical, sci-fi epic, all in one.

Masquerading as a sequel to an earlier, non-existent version of itself, The Passion of Andrea 2 is a mischievous con artist of a dance theatre piece about uneasiness, the inability to fully understand, and the painful desire for more. Never completely sure of itself, this is essentially a show about a world of impossibilities, in which disappointment, idealism, anger, confusion, and death engage in a strange dialogue.

Simone's work articulates textures around the uncertain, the messy, and the unresolved, sculpting rigorous processes of imagination and strange qualities of presence. Through the creation of playful and poetic worlds situated between fiction and a heightened reality, her work shifts the familiar and opens up spaces for existential questionings steeped in humour and strangeness, in the surreal, and in the fantastical. Her practice spans dance, voice work, comedy, theatre/performance, visual art, and writing. Simone is also the creator of the fictitious Ballet National Folklorique du Luxembourg, which is part of Luxembourg's forgotten, mythical past, and currently on tour in Japan.


Simone Mousset is a Luxembourgish choreographer based between London, Luxembourg, and France. Simone trained in London at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, the Royal Academy of Dance, and EDge (LCDS). Recipient in 2017 of the Luxembourgish Dance Award, supported by the Réseau Grand Luxe in 2018-2019, and associate artist of the Escher Theater in 2020-2022, Simone is currently a Work Place Artist at The Place and accompanied by the Fondation Cléo Thiberge Edrom in France. Her production company, Simone Mousset Projects, was founded in 2018 and is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg.

Simone Mousset will be taking this work to Edinburgh Fringe in partnership with KulturLX and Assembly. The Passion of Andrea 2 will be performed at Dance Base in Edinburgh, Scotland between the dates of 13th - 18th, 20th - 25th August 2024 between 7pm - 8pm.


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Concept and Choreography: Simone Mousset
Performers: Lewys Holt, A de la Fe, Bryn Thomas, with Alberto Ruiz Soler
Original Cast: Luke Divall, Lewys Holt, Mathis Kleinschnittger, with Alberto Ruiz Soler
Performers for R&D: Amelia Emma Forrest, Nangaline Gomis, Raisa Kröger, Michele Meloni, Andrea Rama, Raoul Riva, Elisabeth Schilling, Davide Sportelli
Sound Design: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Set and Costume Design: Lydia Sonderegger
Lighting Design: Alberto Ruiz Soler, Seth Rook Williams
Dramaturgs: Thomas Schaupp, Nikki Tomlinson
Outside Eyes: Francesco Mormino (text), Barbara Pierlot (voice)
Production Manager: Bryony Byrne
Producer: Jasmine Andrews, in collaboration with Treacle Holasz (lead producer)
Company Management: Cathy Modert
Development (France): Les Indépendances

Special thanks to Koen Augustijnen, Orrow Bell, Renelde Pierlot

Production: Simone Mousset Projects; Coproduction: The Place, KLAP Maison pour la danse in Marseille, Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, CAPE – Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck, Escher Theater (for Avignon); Financial support: TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois, Fondation Indépendance – Banque Internationale, Fondation ETE, Monodrama Festival; Residencies at: Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia, Dance City. Simone Mousset Projects is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Simone Mousset is associate artist at The Place, and she is supported by the Fondation Cléo Thiberge Edrom.