Choreodrome supports dance artists to research and develop performance ideas.

At The Place, our unique positioning within the dance industry allows us to offer artists at every stage of their career the chance to experiment and stimulate innovation.

Through Choreodrome, our annual programme for artists with at least three years professional experience, makers are encouraged to explore new artistic territory without the pressure of creating a finished product.

This year we are delighted to partner with Quiplash, Candoco Dance Company, Artists for Artists and Wellcome Collection for our different residency strands.

Find out about the projects the Choreodrome 2022 Artists plan to develop below:

Ebony Rose Dark (She/Her, Him/Her, They/Them)

Ebony's project is about embodying audio description into cabaret and dance works in all its complexities, especially finding the right balance in order to create something organic and original. Ebony has received the Audio Description Residency, commissioned by The Place and Candoco Dance Company, supported by Quiplash. Follow Ebony on Instagram | Facebook

Chandenie Gobardhan (She/Her, They/Them)

Chandenie will be exploring the concept of Trimurti. The concept’s use of symbolism leaves space for many interpretations. This includes one of viewing Trimurti as a representation of the cycle of life. The essence of the concept lies in the phases of the cycle: creation, preservation and destruction.

Chandenie received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Emilyn Claid (She/Her)

Western dance histories are layered in Emilyn's old queer body, and she is curious how her body performs now. Collaborating with Heidi Rustgaard, Florence Peake, Joseph Mercier and Luke Pell, she is constructing a solo performance that challenges stereotypes of old age, plays with images of queer presence and draws on a relational practice.

Emilyn received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Holly Thomas (She/Her)

Using spoken word, poetic description and sensory choreography, Holly will draw upon her lived experience of visual impairment to inform the development of Within The Half Light; a dance work exploring sensory perception and our relationship to the natural world during twilight, dusk and absolute night.

Holly received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Paris Crossley (She/Her)

Unfamiliar contexts cultivate adaptation. The mind rewires itself by creating new neural pathways of understanding, in turn the transference of internal spirit to external limb extension also rewires creating a physical display of inner complexities. R3 is an abstract performance art portraying embodied neuroplasticity in reference to an identification shift from ‘dancer’ to ‘movement artist’. Weaving between people, places and things allows one to experience polarising emotions within and beyond their own understanding. Societal offerings and demands place opportunity either on the table or up in limbo but ultimately the inner gypsy is the bassline that keeps the dance of life in motion.

Paris received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Stephanie Handjiiska (She/Her)

Not a Crab Not a Fish is a work that researches the Slavic identity in the modern age, and addresses the blindspot in which Central & Eastern European artists live.

Stephanie received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Sung Im Her (She/Her) & Sophie Clements (She/Her)

Sung Im Her and Sophie Clements will be developing Come to Ground, a multidisciplinary project based upon ideas of precariousness and balance in response to crisis and uncertainty. Ritual and repetition as a method to ground, to reconnect, to reclaim. Bringing together research and thinking around the body, nature and politics in a multilayered new work.

Sung Im and Sophie received the Core Choreodrome Residency. |

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Tylor Deyn (he/they) & Jacob Samuel

BULLYACHE is a music and dance project by the pair. They are working on staging their first theatre work, TOM. The genre is working-class sci-fi. Participants are rehearsing, waiting, indefinitely in a holding room. They have been entered in a pageant competition set up by the Department of Work and Pensions. With a cast of dancers scored to the original music and songs by Tylor and Jacob.

DEYN & SAMUEL received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Amarnah Osajivbe-Amuludun (she/her) & Stefania Pinato (she/her)

Amarnah and Stefania will research a piece of work that explores and expresses both of their experiences in and around abortion. Our Choice aims to be a starting point for a considered yet candid conversation about how people experience abortion, to help destigmatise the topic and advocate for a future with stigma-free reproductive autonomy.

Amarnah & Stefania received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Hannes Langolf (He/Him)

Choreodrome will facilitate Hannes' research into how emotion impacts movement invention and meaning in choreography. It will help formulate the artistic language for a new production and refine the social relevance of the production’s artistic themes during a Reading Room Residency.

Hannes received the Core Commission & Public Research Residency in partnership with Wellcome Collection.

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Posh Club Dance Club (H Plewis)

A flamboyant flock of Dancehall Flamingos are taking roost at The Place, werking out where on earth they've migrated from and where on their fabulous mission they're off to next! The sky's the limit lol.

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Neon Dance (Adrienne Hart) (She/Her)

Prehension Blooms is an interactive work featuring bio-inspired robots, designed to respond to movement and touch. Created during a series of co-creation workshops with 45 young & older people, the residency will enable Neon Dance to road test the robots tele-operated capabilities for the first time.

Adrienne received the Core Commission & Public Research Residency in partnership with Wellcome Collection.

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Amanda Pefkou (She/Her)

RE;MEMBER is a KRUMP-based solo dance work which unveils one womxn’s resilient journey of ancestral liberation. Traveling through a lineage of working class womxn experiencing displacement, an internal intergenerational conversation unfolds, dismantling self-sacrificial feminity as a systemic weapon.

Amanda will receive a tailored programme of support from Artists 4 Artists, industry specialists in hip hop theatre.

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Sarah Lisney (She/Her)

Black Rose is a spoken word and movement piece looking into the stereotypical aspect of a black person. The work will take the audience on a journey of growth within black individuals, as well as utilising each other’s experiences to educate, uplift and empower.

Sarah will receive a tailored programme of support from Artists 4 Artists, industry specialists in hip hop theatre.

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Ella Mesma (She/Her, They/Them) & Akeim Toussaint Buck (He/Him, They/Them)

Like Water Through A Stone explores salsa as a martial dance expanding the movement language to play with leader and follower, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, and how these clash, contrast, and create harmony in the space between the binary.

Ella and Akeim received the New Collaborations Residency.

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Nandi Bhebhe
(She/Her) & Phoebe Davies (She/Her)

In Eloquent Rage Bhebhe&Davies will be testing new approaches to direction and performance to camera, manipulating the body, voice and lens to investigate the subtleties and tensions of visceral human experiences.

What is liberating? What is dangerous? What tips you over the edge? And how do you spill out and claw your way back?

Nandi & Phoebe received the Core Choreodrome Residency.

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Jess Latowicki & Valentina Formenti

The Problem with Animals is a piece of dance theatre for pregnant perfomers exploring mortal dread of the future, anxiety and climate change.

Jess & Valentina received the Core Choreodrome Residency. |

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