Join scientists from Imperial College London, Cambridge and Warwick Universities and dance artists from The Place to explore the connections between our Sun and Earth in three short films.

SUN I Earth is designed to encourage creativity and imagination by highlighting the cross-curricular links between art and science. Each video begins with a short introduction by one of the physicists. followed by the dance exploration of the theme. Exciting and beautiful imagery illustrates every episode.

Follow along at home or at school. If you’re a teacher, you may like to use the films to create your own lesson plans. Download the accompanying SUN | Earth handout:


The project was led by award winning artist and physicist Geraldine Cox, and dance artist and producer Ania Straczynska from The Place’s ‘Creative Learning Team’.

Physicists: Bryony Lanigan of Imperial College London, Ravi Desai of Warwick University, Harry Cliff of Cambridge University.
Dance Artists
: James Kay, Dulcie Fraser, Kiren Virdee
: Bobby Demers
Film Maker
: Alice Underwood

The project is supported and funded by: Imperial College London'sCentre for Cold Matter’, The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (​EPSRC), The Arts Council, John Lyon’s Charity.

Episode 1: LIFE STORY - What is the story of our Sun and Earth?

This episode explores how the Sun and earth were born. We consider their relative sizes and separation, and how our days and years are formed. We close by imagining how the Sun’s life will likely end.

Episode 2: TRIP TO THE SUN - What is the Sun like close-up?

We zoom in close to the Sun’s surface by looking at recent satellite imagery. We discover ever changing sunspots, bubbling cells the size of a country, and vast dynamic explosions which have their origins in the Sun’s complicated magnetism.

Episode 3: RELATIONSHIP - What is our relationship with the Sun?

This episode looks at everything the Sun sends to us: visible and invisible light, charged and uncharged particles and the Sun’s gravity which holds us in its orbit. Almost all the earth’s energy comes from the Sun. We close by asking what we can send the Sun: Our appreciation, creations, and dances.



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