Choreographer and Movement Artist

PALETA is a Swiss born & raised movement artist, choreographer and transformational coach based between London and Switzerland.

She started her journey with gymnastics and martial arts but her love for music led her to pursue the path of expressing herself through dance & free movement, combining her unique physical skills with her artistic expression. At age 19 she studied in NY at Broadway Dance Center and whilst this was the official institute of her dance training, the NY underground clubs, the Blok parties, the events & battles were where she learned the most about the culture, the history and communities. Back in Switzerland PALETA became part of a contemporary-urban dance company, won & judged multiple experimental and all-style dance battles around the UK and Europe, has been invited to teach workshops and classes in dance, movement & mindful awareness around the world.

For the past 9 years PALETA has been based mainly in London working as a dancer, teacher, coach and choreographer across theatre productions, film, music videos, tours, fashion & sports brands. She is also known for her unique approach of artist development, where she supports musicians & talent to find & express their unique & authentic movement language.

PALETA has worked with the likes of FKAtwigs, RAYE, BreeRunway, H&M x Balmain, Nike, Lacoste, Röyksopp, Nowness and DITA Eyewear to name a few.

Complementing her work as a teacher & guide of movement, PALETA supports HSP, especially artists & creatives by coaching them through their authentic path to align with, live and create from their unique essence.