Credit: Yanai Yechiel

Dana Yahalomi is the sole director, since 2011, of Public Movement which she co-founded with Omer Krieger in 2006. Public Movement is a performative research body that investigates and stages political actions in public spaces. It studies and creates public choreographies, forms of social order, overt and covert rituals. The group works across artistic mediums including performance, dance, theater and visual art. Public Movement has performed in renowned art institutions worldwide including Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv; Guggenheim Museum, New York; Hebbel Am Uber Theater, Berlin; Asian Art Biennial, Taipei; Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne; and steirischer herbst Festival, Graz. The group has won several awards including the Essential Art Prize (2021) and Rosenblum Prize for Performance Art (2017).

This new MA program in dance is a vital response of academia to the changing needs of our society today. It offers cutting edge theoretical and practical dance studies that will greatly enhance students’ methodologies, particularly due to its unique emphasis on movement in the public space, that forms community alliances and serves as an engine for political thought. The unique structure of the program offers an opportunity of experiencing an enriching and intensive study process, while maintaining and nurturing the students’ ongoing practices at their work bases and within their communities. I am delighted to be part of this intriguing program.

Dana Yahalomi