About Disco-TECA

ErGao is one of the first dancers and choreographers to explore matters of sexual identity in China (…) the freedom of the body is a revolutionary gesture.

Il Manifesto (Italy)

Choreographer ErGao is one of the bright stars of contemporary dance in China.

Deutsche Welle Radio (Germany)

Disco-TECA brings to life a unique moment in history, taking you back to early 1980s China, when a sensational wave of disco music took the south of the country by storm. After three decades of collectivisation and isolation from the world, the country’s doors were swung open, and in stepped disco dancing, sequins, bell bottoms, and batwings. The performance delves into the ecstatic power of disco for a nation that was ‘opening up’, exploring gender, identity, rebellion, and sexual liberation. Evoking a poignant historical moment with the iconic stylings of disco, Disco-TECA will transport you to the dance halls of China's social reform era.


He Qi-wo, aka ErGao, is a dancer, choreographer, director, and curator from Yangjiang, Guangdong. Graduating from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, ErGao later studied Contemporary Performing Art Criticism in Singapore. Ever since he founded ErGao Dance Production Group in 2007, his work has focused on the body as his primary medium and site of artistic inquiry. ErGao’s work employs diverse strategies to illuminate topics relevant to mainland China, dealing with socio-cultural identity, sex, and gender through deft manipulation of tone, from absurd to sombre. Recent works examine the mobility of new urban migrants in Chinese society and issues around dance as a public phenomenon.

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Queer East is a cross-disciplinary festival that showcases boundary-pushing LGBTQ+ live arts, cinema, and moving image work, from, and about, East and Southeast Asia and its diaspora communities.


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Concept: ErGao, Fabrizio Massini
Director and Choreography:
Wang Shaojun, Zhang Dianling, Guo Zixing, Li Runjian, Han Jinfeng
Light designer:
Low Shee Hoe
Liang Yiyuan, Simon Bishop
Yann Goah
Video designer:
Zhao Meng
Graphic designer:
Fu Meilin
Prop designer:
Xiao Luzi
Academic adviser:
Dr. Wang Qian, Tan Xiaoli

Commissioned by Ibsen International
Produced by Ergao Dance Production Group
With thanks to wowtheater, HE INTERACTION (the leading support partner of Southern Dance House by Ergao Dance Production Group), Zuo Tan Village