About BA Student Showcase

Each year, the LCDS Student Showcase highlights the exceptional creativity, talent, and passion of our students from all three years.

The 2023 Student Showcase saw the origin of pieces such as Buddies Understood by Jude Vero and Elvi Rose Christiansen Head, and HAKU by Samara Langham, which have since been performed as part of various programmes including The Place's Peggy Hawkins Gala Night, a fundraiser event hosted by award-winning choreographer Anthony Van Laast, and FRESH from The Place, a collaboration between The Place and La Villette, Paris; celebrating the talent, vitality, and diversity of the UK dance scene.

Join us for an inspiring and extraordinary evening, as we come together to support and celebrate the artistic excellence that thrives here at LCDS and offer a glimpse into the future of contemporary dance.