About Ellye Van Grieken (Silver-Tongue), Jiwon Oh and TwoFold Dance Theatre

Devil Fish by Silver-Tongue Studios

Lithe limbs curling free as a creeper. That writhes in this deep, soundless space. To enrol and envelop the sleeper, in a silent and stealthy embrace.

There are few bodies as impressive in its range of movement and ability to navigate space than the octopus. For this very reason it was one of the most demonised creatures in the 19th century. So much so, it was dubbed ‘the devil fish’ and stories were sewn of its darkness. This performance seeks to explore the undulating, convolving, propulsive movement of the octopus, and question what it means to be called ‘a monster’.

About The Artist

Silver-Tongue is a collective of story makers that give voice to tales which aren't usually heard. They use different mediums to explore and re-interpret narratives and look at the creation of the myths that are spun around those stories.



Cast and Credits

Creative direction: Ellye Van Grieken
Sound design: Guy-Stephane Kone
Choreography: Maddison Campbell
Movement: Maddison Campbell, Maeve Nolan and Antonia Latz

Picture Us Now by Jiwon Oh

Picture Us Now is a contemporary solo dance performance by Jiwon Oh. It is a shared experience between the artist and the audience, an intimate celebration of the here and now. Inspired by the cherished yet fleeting moments in our fast-paced lives, the performance invites viewers on a visual journey that awakens our senses to this very moment, blurring the boundary between performance and everyday life.

About The Artist

Jiwon Oh is a Korean movement artist based in London. She creates works characterised by intricate details and subtlety, often delving into themes of time, space, presence, and absence. Working across a diverse range of mediums, Jiwon is dedicated to crafting works that build connection with the viewers.


Cast and Credit

Choreography / performance: Jiwon Oh
Graphic design: Andee Sunwoo Lee
Photography: Wanshu
Sound: Juice
Rehearsal assistant/dramaturgy: Charmaine Hiller

Forward To Nowhere by TwoFold Dance Theatre

Forward To Nowhere dissolves the boundary between art and process, questioning where one ends and the other begins. In collaboration with composer Seirian Griffiths, the work candidly explores the ongoing pursuit for meaning within the things we do and the art we create. Through TwoFolds' blend of contemporary dance and threading, the dancers navigate a complicated relationship with the stage, themselves and each other. A brutally honest, self reflective and humorous response to the experiences of creative block and breakthrough.

About The Artist

TwoFold Dance Theatre is a contemporary dance duo made up of Laurie Case (she/her) and Jan Wood (he/him). Their work has been shaped by their ongoing research into the principles of threading within contemporary dance, blending this movement style with theatre to create a unique approach to storytelling.


Cast and Credits

Choreographers/ Performers: Laurie Case and Jan Wood
Composer: Seirian Griffiths
With support from UglyDuck, TripSpace and Bodies in Action.