About Moving Worlds: A Programme of Dance Films

An amazing body of humanitarian, nostalgic and very beautiful work. Made my heart race.

(Audience member for Moving Worlds)

A dramatic kaleidoscope of evocative images.

(Rose An Thom, Dance Magazine)

 …the real deal…one of the most gifted, level-headed, and articulate artists in the UK.

(Donald Hutera, Animated)

A celebration of the legendary choreographer and filmmaker Rosemary Lee’s unique contribution to dance film making over the last 35 years. Presented by the artist herself in an informal setting, Moving Worlds will be a chance to see a wide variety of ground-breaking international renowned dance films rarely seen, from the 1990s to the present day. Known for her articulacy, she reveals how and why she made them and answers audience questions, in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

These award-winning, magical dance films transport you to beautiful places whilst highlighting the grace and individuality of every performer. From a nine-year-old boy leaping through sand dunes, a little girl dancing in a forgotten garden, to over seventy performers of all ages gliding through a cathedral of trees, they reflect our humanity and unspoken connection to each other and the environment.

About Rosemary Lee

Rosemary Lee, choreographer, and film maker has been making work in a variety of contexts, constituencies and media for four decades. These include site specific works in settings ranging from a disused tyre factory, a vast windswept beach, to the canopies of mature urban trees. She is known for working with professionals and non-professionals, from children to elders, working with soloists to huge casts. Her award-winning films and installation have been made for broadcast, and toured galleries and festivals internationally.

Rosemary Lee


Films were created with a range of collaborators including film makers Peter Anderson, David Hinton,Roswitha Chesher, composers Graeme Miller, Terry Mann, Adrian Johnson, Designer Louise Belson, they feature a wide range of performers from aged 9-80+ years old.

Moving Worlds was commissioned by The Place. Films were supported by a range of funders including the Arts Council England, Arts Council of Northern Ireland, ArtsAdmin, Culture company 2013, BBC, Greenwich Dance, Greenwich Council, Dance Umbrella, Big Dance, Royal Philharmonic Society, PRS Foundation, NPS Holland, RVW Trust.

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