Electricity: Sparking our Imaginations through Dance is a short participatory video about the tiny charges that make up the material world and which are the source of electricity. There is discussion, experimentation, and discovery through creative dance activities, with options for working individually, in pairs or in a group.

The video is aimed at KS2 teachers to offer ideas for teaching your class about electricity in fun, creative and embodied ways. You could use this video to help prepare a lesson or just play it live in the classroom and get the children to follow the activities. You could also enjoy this video at home with your family or in any other setting – it’s for anyone who likes to dance and enjoys learning about nature! Click HERE to download the accompanying Electricity handout.

The video was originally made as part of A New Direction's Artsmark CPD series, so will also be useful for any schools seeking to meet the Artsmark criteria. It focuses on Curriculum Design, which explores how a broad arts and cultural curriculum is embedded throughout the school and how this can increase children and young people’s knowledge, skills and understanding of the arts. The video is an example of how dance could be used within the science curriculum, but the techniques you learn here could then be applied to other topics and subjects throughout your school.