Work Place is The Place’s unique associate artist programme of tailored support for professional choreographers.

It creates a home for a community of 11 artists, helping to sustain them and provide conditions for their work to grow and flourish over a five year period. Work Place centres creativity in a collaborative working relationship between artists and The Place.

Work Place recognises that each artist is different. What an artist needs depends on the type of work they make, their experience, their ideas, their ambition and the barriers they may face along the way. Responding to these differences and allowing them to influence our thinking and practice is at the heart of the scheme. 

Each Work Place Artist receives bespoke support alongside a structured programme of creative and professional development over five years. Depending on each artist’s needs, we offer commissioning and performance opportunities, project and idea development, teaching opportunities and skills development, career mentoring, management and fundraising support, building links to other project partners and professional networks.

As well as individual practice, Work Place is about conversation. The Work Place Artists are offered a series of Work Place Intensives to explore and learn from each other’s ideas and experiences alongside other inspirational practitioners. Each intensive focuses on a theme or question to provoke thought, movement and debate.

The Affiliate Artist scheme supports former Work Place associate artists who want to continue to develop their own choreographic practices and work with The Place.

In turn this community of artists are critical friends to The Place, and their ideas, expertise and experience help us to shape our creative programmes and our vision for the future.

Current Affiliate Artists are: Claire Cunningham, Ben Duke, Rosemary Lee, Frauke Requardt, Luca Silvestrini, Moreno Solinas and Igor Urzelai.

Each Affiliate Artist pursues their own path and receives tailored support to think, create, curate, perform, research, write, teach, train or learn.

The Affiliate Artist scheme is for UK-based artists and participation is by invitation, after having participated on the Work Place associate artists scheme.