We are incredibly grateful to our supporters for helping us to create accessible dance programmes for all, commission artists, produce and present new work and advocate for creative education. Your gift, big or small, makes a huge difference to our ability to continue to do the valuable work that we do. It enables us to take creative risks and develop opportunities to engage with new creative ideas

Supporting The Place

The cabin door of a truck opens, spewing eerie blue smoke. Silhouetted by a bright blue light that cuts through the darkness of night, a figure wearing an astronaut uniform begins to emerge.
Future Cargo by Requardt & Rosenberg Credit: Camilla Greenwell 2022

By donating to the Pioneering Fund, you are supporting everything that we do at The Place, allowing us to champion the diversity and pioneering spirit of our community of independent artists, students, children and young people to create the most exciting new work.

Supporting Artists

The Open Studio Fund exists to enable The Place to invest in artistic risk taking. In its inaugural year, gifts have supported the creation of Requardt & Rosenberg’s Future Cargo, Sivan Rubinstein’s Dance No. 2°, Jamaal Burkmar’s DONUTS and Joseph Toonga’s Born toProtest.

Two performers are seen dancing outside. One is wearing pastel purple shirt and trousers with a white vert and a white cap, the other, behind her is wearing matching pastel blue shirt and trousers and a vest
SAY The Album Credit: Camilla Greenwell 2021

Supporting Students

Three LCDS students stand outside The Place, there is a metal fence and trees behind them, one student is making the other two laugh
LCDS Students Credit: Camilla Greenwell 2021

The Students' Fund distributes grants to students studying at London Contemporary Dance School who are in need of additional financial support. These awards make a real difference to those who might otherwise not have the resources necessary to either take up a place or complete their training.

The Cohan Scholarship is awarded annually to students from London Contemporary Dance School's BA Honours programme, who show excellence in performance and are about to start their third year of study. It supports students on the brink of their professional careers to take creative risks and realise their potential as independent artists.

As a disabled performer this award is very special to me. It gives me with that boost and guidance in pursuing a dance career and will allow me to try new and exciting things and sustain my living.

Annie Edwards

Cohan Scholarship - Get involved

If you would like to contribute to the Cohan Scholarship, please email the Development Department.

Support Young People

The Iris Tomlinson Fund provides children and young people access to small bursaries to helping with the cost of our fantastic programme of Children and Youth classes. These activities include our Saturday class programme, youth companies and additional workshops and holiday projects.

The Fund is dedicated to Iris Tomlinson who dedicated her life's work to shaping our young dancer’s programme over the last three decades. Iris left The Place in autumn 2011.

It's made a big difference to our lives...she's a very happy, focused child and it's down to this funding


Two male students have their backs to the camera, looking at each other. One is wearing a purple sports t-shirt, the other a black hoodie. We see a young lady laughing between them. She is facing the camera and holding her necklace as she is looking at the young man on the left of the photo.

The Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) is part of a national network which identifies and assists young people with great potential to access world-class specialist dance training, regardless of their personal circumstances. We are renewing our commitment to placing young people at the heart of what we do and CAT plays a central part in this endeavour. Your generosity and support allows this to happen.

Donating to the Centre for Advanced Training Fund, you are helping us continue to inspire and empower young people from diverse backgrounds to take risks and achieve their full potential through world class dance experiences.