An attempt to deconstruct & reanalyze (to queer) Austrian folkdance and to question how to handle its past, present and maybe its future.

Duration: 25 minutes

Choreographed by: Hannah Maria Wimmer in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Daisy King, Sunhi Willa Keller, Vittorio Pagani, Sigrún Ósk Stefánsdóttir, Sua Tsubokura-Aguiriano, Sini Halttunen, Hanaë Salavy and Maelle Le Pallec

Sound: Ex cusyn

Costume: Textiles screenprinted in collaboration with Lisa Strasser, and costume support by Frances Morris and the amazing costume department at The Place

Lighting Design: Ali Hunter

Doilies: With the help of Sigrún Ósk Stefánsdóttir & Sunhi Willa Keller

Supervision and Support: Florence Peake and Tom Hastings

Special thanks to everyone who supported this research, especially the folkdancers at BAG and my Ferdl Opa and Riki Oma, as well as friends and family who helped me dive deeper into this exploration of Austrian traditions and to Maximilian Prag for helping me with visuals.

Hannah (she/her) does not know how to describe herself.

Best fitting might be performer/artist/dancer/choreographer/something in between. She is from Austria which might explain her research in this program. Find her @hannah_maria_