Artistic Director of FUBUNATION, Movement Director and Choreographer

Born in Sudan, Waddah Sinada is a London based choreographer. After being introduced to dance through local streetdance and hip hop community led collectives he went on to develop his artistic practice at London Contemporary Dance School at The Place, where he obtained a BA Hons degree in contemporary dance.

Since graduating he has worked with a number of influential choreographers and music artists. It was at The Place Waddah found his love for working not only in live theatre but making movement for film. His interests lie in creating honest and authentic work where he draws inspiration from instinctual human nature to feed his artistic vision. Over the course of the last few years Waddah has been working independently teaching, directing and choreographing as a freelance artist. His achievements include Tommy Hilfiger, Burna Boy (BET), Youtube Legacy Series and more.

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