Joseph Toonga, hailing from Cameroon and raised in East London, is an inventive and visionary choreographer rooted in the vibrancy of hip-hop culture, crafts and performs compelling dance productions deeply entwined with contemporary narratives. His distinct choreographic style fuses the essence of hip-hop with genuine life experiences, challenging societal norms, dismantling racial stigmas, and sparking transformative conversations.

Acknowledged for his outstanding talent, Joseph was honoured with the Best Choreography Award at New York’s Reverb Dance Festival, showcasing his innovative approach within the hip-hop dance realm. Renowned institutions such as the Dutch National Junior Ballet, Ballet BC Annex, National Youth Ballet/Bundes jugend ballett, Richard Alston Dance Company, Junior Ballet Madrid (Elephant in the Black Box), and East Wall (with Hofesh Shechter) have sought his choreographic brilliance, showcasing his diverse expertise across various dance forms.

As the appointed Royal Ballet’s Choreographic Residency artist for 2023/2024, Joseph’s contributions transcend boundaries, harnessing the power of hip-hop to reshape societal narratives. A driving force behind Just Us Dance Theatre and Artists4Artists, he remains steadfast in his commitment to cultivating innovation in both hip-hop and contemporary dance while nurturing the next generation of exceptional talent.