Creative Director, Producer

Born in Nigeria, raised in London, a citizen of the world, Femi ‘Femdelafem the Gardener’ Oyewole is a creative director/multi-disciplinary visionary artist who uses any medium to create unique experiences and bring people together.

Femi’s extensive experience as a performer in dance, theatre, fashion, and film gives him a wide variety of skills that build his visual art practice as a creative thinker.

Femi studied at the renowned BRIT School, London Contemporary Dance School with a BA Hons degree in Contemporary Dance and is completing his Master's degree in

Performance: Design and Practice, at Central Saint Martins.

Femi has worked for BlueMan Group, Royal Opera House, DV8 Physical Theatre, and more.

Femi was a co-founder of, a web-based platform highlighting safer spaces for the black and brown community within Berlin.

Femi is a model, actor, DJ, musician, athlete, and dancer amongst other professions.