For me, the program provides an important safe container to reflect and contextualize my past and future practice as a community dance artist. I especially enjoy the expertise of my teachers and fellow students, and I often feel like a soft sponge which cheerfully absorbs all the embodied knowledge around me.

Bianca Kruppa, on what excites her about studying on MA Dance: Participation, Communities, Activism

Bianca Kruppa is a dance artist, teacher and co-leader of the socio-cultural project “Falsche Farm” located in a small village in southern Germany. Together with the local community she explores the question of what a culturally diverse life in rural areas can look like. Much of her work currently involves building structures and networks that provide more access to participatory dance. Therefore, she collaborates with institutions such as schools and the local theatre and initiates her own artistic projects with mostly non-professional dancers.

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