Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) at The Place are offering FREE outreach workshops, information talks, and visits to The Place for schools to learn more about our programme, as part of our recruitment drive for entry Sept 2024.

CAT is generously funded by the Music and Dance Scheme (MDS), Department for Education, which means no matter what someone's background, or personal circumstances are, they can access dance to the highest level by receiving a grant from the MDS, that covers either all or part of the fees.

The offer to schools includes:

    • FREE workshops to schools for year groups 7-10.
    • Information on what the Centre for Advanced Training programme offers
    • Invitation to visit The Place to observe classes and see our friendly building
    • Invitation to attend a CAT Experience Day

If you are a dance educator at a school, sign up your school today by clicking the SIGN UP button.

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