About Fault Lines

Truly breathtaking... captivating, energetic and technically stunning.

The Hotel Experience

As our planet’s voice gets louder, are we ready to listen?

Fault Lines pulls at the tension in our relationship with nature. Our constant pursuit of progress increasing the speed of life has left us out of sync with the natural world.

A scorched earth, From the rubble and the ruin the survivors emerge. A new world, a second chance. Within changing landscapes created from striking digital illustrations and evocative music, our survivors navigate the world, racing towards an unknown future.

Fault Lines explores the environmental damage we’ve inflicted but asks what happens when we stand together with hope? What will that take?

New writing by Nick Walker (award winning writer, BBC) gives voice to both the existential panic, alongside the everyday problem solving needed to live on a hotter, more crowded, and less predictable planet.

With an original sound score by Dougie Evans, the projection of digital imagery by Zach Walker (MakeAmplify) and digital moving illustrations by Courtney McCarthy, the natural world enters the space to create a rich sensory world for the performers.


Lîla Dance make family friendly visually dynamic and striking dance productions. We believe in equality, acceptance, kindness and a fair world. We create spaces for everyone to have a voice equally through collaboration and laughter, without ego or hierarchy getting in the way.

Lîla make work that has a narrative, is often funny, sometimes moving and is always made with the audience at its heart.

Lîla Dance tour to dance houses, village halls, theatres, arts centres and school halls both nationally and internationally. We also take our outdoor work to festivals. We believe dance is for everyone no matter your background, age, ability or experience. We work with students of all ages, professional dancers, community groups, schools and you. We are welcoming, accessible and creative.

We believe in collaboration, helping the next generation, working with all communities, meaningful participation and creating beautiful, visually stunning, cinematic work.


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Choreography and Direction: Abi Mortimer and Carrie Whitaker
Producer: Lou Rogers
Composer and Sound Designer: Dougie Evans
Assistant Composer: Cam Gallaher
Dancers: Joe Darby, Amy Morvell, Luke Brown, Yanki Yau, Coralie Calfond, Ivan Merino Gaspar
Writing and Dramaturgy: Nick Walker
Digital design: Zach Walker
Digital Illustrator: Courtney McCarthy
Lighting Design: Natalie Rowland
Production Management and Technician: Natalie Rowland and Mike Bignall
Research and Development Performers: KJ Mortimer, Luke Brown, Joe Darby, Madison Burgess, Amy Morvell, Luis Dunn, Alyssa Lisle, Yanki Yau, Coralie Calfond, Andrea Madore, Charlotte Hannah, Ivan Merino Gaspar, Hattie Musgrove
Photo credit: Dougie Evans.

Supported by Arts Council England, Pavilion Dance South West, The Point Eastleigh, Rural Dance Touring Company, South East Dance, University of Chichester, Worthing Theatres and Museums, UK Harvest