About Dances Like A Bomb

5 Stars

Surreal, beautiful and extraordinarily human… This is a piece whose beauty and complexity demonstrate exactly why older artists, whatever their discipline, should never be underestimated

The List

4 Stars

Big, powerful… These two people own the stage and have earned the right to be there.

The Times, London

Macabre and comical … a delight… In this dance theatre show, age also gives cause for reflection, some regret and a healthy dose of ceasing to care what anyone else thinks of you.

The Guardian

A powerful, uplifting duet exploring ageing and care, blending visceral imagery, dance and music.

Celebrating the strength of mature bodies and challenging the cult of youth, the show is a reclaiming of the ageing body created by dance-theatre innovators Junk Ensemble. Featuring acclaimed actor Mikel Murfi and leading dance artist Finola Cronin (formerly of Pina Bausch'sTanztheater Wuppertal) the performers are heroic, vulnerable, comedic, and completely themselves in the work. They care fiercely for each other and defend their independence. As they hold each other up and push each other down, the 'performance' of age is unpacked as a reminder of ourselves: our worst and our best.


Junk Ensemble is a multi-award winning Dublin-based dance theatre company founded by twin sisters Megan Kennedy and Jessica Kennedy. The company is committed to engaging diverse audiences through the creation and presentation of brave, imaginative and accessible work that sheds light on important human issues relevant to society today. Current Associate Artists at Project Arts Centre and previous Artists-in-Residence at The Tate, Junk Ensemble has built a reputation as one of Ireland’s leading voices in dance. Junk Ensemble frequently collaborates with artists from other disciplines to produce a rich mix of visual and performance styles that challenge the traditional audience/performer relationship.


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Creation and Direction: Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy
Choreography: Jessica Kennedy and Megan Kennedy in collaboration with Finola Cronin and Mikel Murfi
Performers: Finola Cronin and Mikel Murfi
Set Design: Sabine Dargent
Music: Denis Clohessy
Lighting Design: Stephen Dodd
Costume Design: Saileóg O'Halloran
Text: Finola Cronin and Mikel Murfi
Voice Coach: Andrea Ainsworth
Set Construction: Ger Clancy
Stage Manager: Marella Boschi
Chief LX: Alan Mooney
Production Manager: Simon Bird
Producer: Gwen Van Spÿk
Social Media: Sally McCarthy

Supported by Culture Ireland. Original production funded by The Arts Council of Ireland. An Chomhairle Ealaíon Arts Grant Fund and Dublin City Council and supported by Mermaid Arts Centre, Dance Ireland and Shawbrook Dance.