About Waltzing The Blue Gods

Beautiful performance. Surreal and divine. Absolutely powerful.

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Waltzing The Blue Gods is a liberating tale in two parts, that reimagines the Queer symbolism of the Hindu gods, Shiva and Krishna, and the role they played in Jaivant Patel’s sexual awakening and spiritual relationship to faith, to becoming an openly homosexual British-Indian man.

Part auto-biographical, part fantasy, the evening celebrates new possibilities for a rich and traditional art form, Kathak, in the context of modern contemporary Britain that’s proud of its LGBTQI+ narratives.

This performance features live music.

Kathak is a North Indian classical dance form embedded in storytelling.


Jaivant Patel is an unapologetic Gujarati queer dancemaker and is currently one the leading voices in amplifying LGBTQ+ South Asian narratives intersecting across the boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, faith, and spirituality, on the UK cultural landscape and arts scene.

Jaivant's artistic journey seeks to authentically assimilate Kathak into a creative practice that compliments a contemporary dance background. Jaivant's approach to Kathak integrates a curiosity in understanding the classical form's unique nuances rooted in diaspora heritage and relationship to his own British-Indian Identity.

Jaivant is artistic director of the award-winning Jaivant Patel Company rooted in Wolverhampton (UK), creating bold work that reimagines pertinent global intercultural narratives and joyfully celebrates the intersectionality of modern lived experiences.

Previous works include the award-nominated production YAATRA and dance film I Am Your Skin.


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Overarching Artistic Vision: Jaivant Patel

Featuring some of South Asian Arts’ globally respected choreographers, composers, and musicians, expect beautiful, authentic choreography by Urja Desi Thakore and Jaivant Patel, soulful rhythms composed by Alap Desai, paired with heartfelt, live music performed by Yadav Yadavan, Vijay Venkat, John Ball and Sahib Sehmbey.