About Karrasekare

Earthy, carnal and enigmatic, the piece holds a queer imagery and evocative elements full of symbolism.

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The internationally acclaimed artistic duo Igor x Moreno, creators ofBEAT, Idiot-Syncrasy and A Room For All Our Tomorrows present Karrasekare.

Karrasekare, the Sardinian word for Carnival, is inspired by pagan carnival traditions from Sardinia and the Basque Country. Raw and surprising, sweaty yet elegant, it explores the catharsis of communal rituals and traditions.

This dynamic performance takes us on a journey back to the roots of traditional rhythms that have been accompanying our dances for centuries. Karrasekare takes those rhythms and uses them to create something truly unique and fluid, unearthing the queer in pagan rituals that take place in the streets and squares, and reimagining them inside a black box theatre.

By challenging any sense of prudishness, Karrasekare captures the sense of chaos, community and catharsis experienced at folk festivals.


Igor x Moreno is the name under which the works created by choreographers Igor Urzelai Hernando and Moreno Solinas – in collaboration with an extended group of artists – are presented.

Igor x Moreno’s works stem from a fascination for people and what makes us such special animals. They use choreography and mostly non-verbal languages to create experiences which can surprise, energise and unsettle. Their works – highly constructed whilst deeply concerned with liveness – visit and escape different genres and styles.

Igor x Moreno’s creative processes favour questions over answers, action over narration, communication over expression, alterity over diversity, patience over productivity. They don’t see entertainment as their duty, but as a useful communication tool. They work with rigour and playfulness. They value pointlessness.

The team – based across Europe – gathers in Sardinia and London, from where Igor x Moreno’s works have toured extensively in Europe and also in North and South America, Africa and Asia. Awards and recognitions include the Rudolf Laban Award and National Dance Awards and Total Theatre Awards nominations; their works have been selected for Aerowaves (2011, 2013 and 2015), NID Platform, British Council Showcase and British Dance Edition.

Moreno Solinas and Igor Urzelai Hernando are affiliate artists of The Place (London), they are co-artistic directors of Sardinian production company S’ALA (www.s-ala.com) and are board members of the Cultural Advisory Board of British Council Italy.


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Direction and Choreography: Moreno Solinas and Igor Urzelai Hernando
Performers: Margherita Elliot, Marcella Mancini, Alessio Rundeddu, Matteo Sedda, Giulia Vacca, Igor Urzelai Hernando, Moreno Solinas
Dramaturg: Simon Ellis
Original Music and Sound Design: Edoardo Robert Elliot
Set and Costumes: KASPERSOPHIE
Lighting Design: Joshie Harriette
Technical Coordinator: Edoardo Robert Elliot
Project Producer: Davide Pisano
Administration: Anna Paola Della Chiesa
R&D Photography: Fabio Sau

Karrasekare is produced by S’ALA and The Place, Co-produced with Théâtre De La Ville, Fuorimargine, Romaeuropa, Bora Bora and Theaterfestival Boulevard. In collaboration with Toscana Terra Accogliente (with residencies at Anghiari Dance Hub & Armunia, and co-financed by Fabbrica Europa) and HKD – Croatian Cultural Centre. Co-commissioned by Cambridge Junction with support from the Stobbs New Ideas Fund. Supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in London, the Italian Ministry of Culture’s Directorate General for Performing Art and the NID Platform and sponsored by Viale s.r.l. With the support of MiC – Ministero della Cultura, RAS - Regione Autonoma Della Sardegna, Fondazione Di Sardegn. This project is also supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


A touch tour will be held at 6.15pm on Saturday 11 May. To sign up, please contact us here. This touch tour is for those using audio description and their companions only.