About Burnt Offering by 99Artcompany

Jang’s choreographic language was rich in meaning, extremely physical and skillfully structured.

Maggie Foyer, Dance International Org

It didn’t just appeal to emotions or have excellent technique, it also resonated with the soul with its sincerity… a proper harmony of East and West

Jang Jiwon, Dancepost Korea

A sublime evocation of life; a danced ritual for our times.

Most dances from all over the world originated from ‘religious rites’. Burnt Offering, winner of the Best Production award at the 2nd Seoul Arts Awards at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, invites us to consider what new rituals we need, what we might pray for, and how we can draw on the traditions of the past. It is based on the traditional dance ‘Seungmu’, and uses Korean music, voice and dance to express the contemporary stories that are burning within us.

Dancers gather at the alter and offer their sacrifices one by one. They are caught up in repetitive daily routines, their life burning away without meaning, but when they look up, clouds of incense float into the air, and a dance commences which burns with a noble spirit, enveloping all the senses, to resonate with the soul.

In a world that grinds us down, this is a ‘burnt offering’ for meaning, beauty and peace.

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About 99Artcompany

99Artcompany focuses on expressing the uniqueness of Korean tradition through contemporary stories, and is a group of like-minded artists led by choreographer Jang Hye-rim under the motto of ‘dance that resonates with the soul.’

Founded in 2014, 99Artcompany recognises that tradition is not standardised but can constantly change and develop even in this era. Jang Hye-rim strives to create authentic works that resonate with audiences, emphasising the importance of the role of art driving change in our society.

After being selected as the Best Choreographer by Critics' Choice in 2015, Jang Hye-rim has participated in Changmu International Dance Festival (2016), Pams Choice (2017), Seoul International Performing Arts Festival (2016, 2018, 2020), Traveling Korean Arts (2019), and Italy Operaestate Festival (2019). By participating in the Russian Open Look Festival (2020), the Italian Cultural Institute (2021), the Brazilian SESC Dance Biennale (2021), and the Singapore SIFA (2023), 99 Art Company is introducing its own unique works that embody Korean tradition.


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Cast and Creatives

Choreographer and Dancer: Jang Hye-rim