About Super Hot Hot Dog

I loved the fact that it had comedy and bits we could join in.

Audience Comment, Super HotHot Dog work in progress, Unlimited Festival 2022

Taking place over one day at the seaside, Super Hot Hot Dog is a holiday adventure to remember!

You will meet an extrovert ice cream seller who dances their favourite flavours. Deep underwater there is a strange world where you'll meet mysterious sea creatures and a wise Octopus. At the funfair, you will visit the hall of mirrors and go on a fantastic roller coaster ride.

At the end of the show the performers whisper an important message that you can carry with you when you leave the theatre for the rest of your life.

All families are welcome! We recommend neurotypical children age 4yrs-11yrs and neurodiverse audiences 4yrs +

Corali’s first ever family show on tour now! London based company Corali present their much anticipated family show, Super Hot Hot Dog. It is funny, creative and vibrant, using dance, props and music. Devised and performed by an integrated cast that includes dancers with a learning disability. Featuring costumes and design by artist Tim Spooner and a soundtrack designed by DJ Marcy (Camille Larere), Super Hot Hot Dog will be presented as a relaxed performance for all the family.

It uses a flat stage set up on 3 sides and features participatory interaction.

Join us before the performance to decorate your own paper fish to be part of the show. After the show, join us on stage for a chance to meet the cast.

About Corali Dance Company

Corali is a leader in dance created by artists with a learning disability.

Corali was founded by a social service worker, Virginia Moffatt, in a Southwark day centre in 1989. Initially a casual dance group, the name Corali is made of letters from the original company members’ names.

Corali continues to evolve and develop and has been part of Arts Council England’s NPO since 2018. The company has become known for its work that explores the relationship between performers with and without a learning disability, between dance and other art forms, and between professional and participatory artwork. Corali makes and tours great performances and loves to share its creative practice with other people.

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Cast and Creatives

Performer Devisers: Patricia Langa, Jackie Ryan, Sheri King, Bethan Kendrick, Housni Hassan (DJ)
Set Design: Tim Spooner
Soundscape: Camille Larere
Associate Artistic Director and Lighting Design: Jacobus Flynn
Artistic Director: Sarah Archdeacon
Producer: Treacle Holasz

Supported by Southbank Centre, Funded by Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants.


Join us after the performance for a free accessible workshop making use of themes from the show involving movement and other creative activity. You will work in small groups to create a dance with your friends about your favourite ice-cream flavours. You will then dance with the Octopus from the Super Hot Hot Dog show and learn to swim as a shoal of fishes.

We will finish with the chance to make your own deep sea creature through movement, and create a magical underwater world.

Free to attend but booking is essential.

Super Hot Hot Dog by CoraliTrailer