About Movement Language: A Double Bill

Movement Language is a new programme by The Place, bringing distinct choreographic voices into conversation. Here, we present a double bill of international work from two artists selected for the most recent Aerowaves Twenty. Movement emerges from language in both works, which speak in poetic and frank ways to politics, identity and complexity.

Atlas da Boca by Braba Plataforma

In a world where respect and understanding for the transgender community still has a mountain to climb, Atlas da boca is a beautiful celebration of bodies, humanity, difference and love.

Springback Magazine, Kelly Apter

I spent my childhood and most of my teenage years very quietly. Countless days reading people and, especially their "non-words". A “word-gesture”, a “word-gaze”, a “word-breath” contains so much truth and secret and I spent my life trying to figure out the paths that they inscribe into the body. I believe that this is the place where the piece is settled.’ (Gaya de Medeiros)

Atlas da Boca
(Atlas of the Mouth) explores two trans bodies through the mouth. As a symbol, the mouth becomes the interface between the public and the private, between the erotic and the political, between silence and the word that lasts. Questioning the idea of “words-gestures”, this piece delves into the moments in which the mouth hardens, letting the words come out roaring.

About Braba Plataforma

Gaya de Medeiros is a 32 years-old choreographer and producer from Brasil. She studied Animation Film and worked for 9 years as a dancer and co-creator at a Brazilian Dance Company. In Portugal, she worked with multiple creators. In 2022, she created her first piece, ATLAS da BOCA which premiered at the Alkantara Festival. She's also created the piece BAQUE (Dec 22); Pai para Jantar (Apr 23) and is currently working on Cafézinho. Gaya founded BRABA.plataforma which aims to support, enable and finance initiatives starring and directed toward the Trans community.

As a choreographer, her research is situated in between dance, words and affections.

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Cast and Creatives

Direction and production: Gaya de Medeiros
Co-creation and Performance: Ary Zara, Gaya de Medeiros
Provocation, conception and design of Brief Atlas of the Mouth: João Emediato
Video: Ary Zara
Light design: André de Campos
Sound operation: Gustavo Monteiro
Translation and subtitles: Joana Frazão
Management: Irreal

Atlas of the Mouth is a co-production with Alkantara and Companhia Olga Roriz; supported by Self-Mistake; with institutional support from República Portuguesa, Cultura I DGARTES, Direção-Geral das Artes.

Toujours de 3/4 face! by Loraine Dambermont

The project like the result achieved are matters for Surrealism – Belgian Surrealism, of course

Nicolas Villodre

The three-quarter angle is the most effective defensive stance, according to YouTuber Johnny Cadillac, whose karate tutorials went viral in Belgium. Loraine Dambermont embodies this character and narrative in Toujours de 3⁄4 face!, a punchy hyper energetic solo performed as a survival guide with athleticism and humour.

Pushing the physical and mental virtuosity of the performer to the limits with hyper fast movements, extreme precision and musicality, Dambermont also tackles the complex Belgian identity through movements which reveal a paroxysm of self-mockery.

About Loraine Dambermont

Loraine Dambermont is a Belgian artist, born in Liège (1988) and based in Brussels working as a dancer and as a choreographer in Belgium and abroad.

After graduating from Codarts and The Theaterschool Academy of Dance and Arts in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Loraine Dambermont focused on developing her own body language. By mixing several dance techniques, from Hip-hop to Contemporary dance, focusing mainly on popping and floor work, she works towards creating an explosive energy.

In 2013, she won a choreographic prize with the duet Buy My City, a work in collaboration with Noora Hannula: a decisive encounter in her career.

She is currently touring internationally with her latest solo production Toujours de 3/4 face!selection Aerowaves Spring Forward 2023, as well as working on her new work; second part of the project called Mes années bagarre, starting the creation at the fall 2023.

As a dancer, she worked with The Nordic Beasts, Noora Hannula (Dk), Mute Comp. Physical theater (Dk), Michèle Anne De Mey (Be), Itamar Serussi (IL), Beppie Blankert (Nl), Etienne Rochefort (Fr), Zahrbat, Brahim Bouchelaghem (Fr), The Royal Opera of Wallonia, The National Opera of the Netherlands and recently with Leslie Mannes (Be) in the project FORCES by Mannès, Turine, Lemaître.

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Cast and Creatives

Choreographer, composer and performer: Loraine Dambermont
Soundmixing advisor: Victor Petit
Light Creation: Rémy Urbain
Technical director: Gaspar Schelck
Stage management: Chamsedine Madec and Gaspar Schelck (alternating)
Outer sight: Monica Gomes
Photography: Hichem Dahes
Production: Lodbmt

Partner: Théâtre de la Balsamine; with the support of Iles asbl, Suitcase Brussels, Théâtre Marni, Garage29, Studio 28 - Roubaix, L'Armande - Liège, Centre Culturel Bruegel - Perpetuum MOBILE Festival, La Roseraie, Theater aan de Rijn - Dance Flavors, Arnhem
Tour Manager: BLOOM Project