About Sunhi Willa Keller, Tarantism and Vittorio Pagani

9 Tales of a Bitch by Sunhi Willa Keller

Long, long ago, there was a woman named Kumiho who lived between two worlds. She transformed between human form and a fox with nine extravagant tails. She was a temptress who lured men in, only to eat their hearts out. Or so they say. This is her story.

About The Artist

Sunhi was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i, surrounded by two wonderful parents, a brilliant big sister, and many feisty dogs. After graduating New York University with a BFA in Dance and BA in Art History, she moved to London, UK to earn her MA in Expanded Dance Practice from London Contemporary Dance School. Sunhi’s choreography – playful, provocative, authentic – is a narrative mixture of dance and theater, an interweaving of traditional Korean forms and her own personal stories.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Sunhi Willa Keller
Performers: Sua Tsubokura-Aguiriano, Jiwon Oh and Sunhi Willa Keller

PΛNOPTICON by Tarantism (Vasiliki Papapostolou)

In the eighteenth century, Jeremy Bentham invented an architectural structure for social control, a prison called Panopticon in which the cells are always visible. Foucault suggested that this Panopticon idea is how everyday life functions in modern societies since this external gaze becomes internalised inducing individuals to surveil themselves.
In the piece Panopticon, the red hands rule the rest of the body and they are constantly watching, surveilling, and policing its actions, while the rest of the body represents the human spirit, the constant fight to preserve the human instinct and individual mind in a society where humans become increasingly mechanical and interested in controlled outcomes and statistical rules.

About The Artist

Vasiliki Papapostolou (a.k.a Tarantism) is an experimental dance artist interested in exploring how body and mind are interconnected. She researches how entering the “flow zone” in dance can become a tool for creativity, self-expression and freedom and she highlights “dancing” as a “dynamic process”, rather than a finished definite “product”. Her hybrid movement language incorporates contemporary dance, ballroom Latin and movement concepts from street dance styles. As a dancer, her credits include performing with Edifice Dance Theatre (UK), Teatro Regio Torino (Italy), Pottporus: Company Renegade (Germany), Taira Foo Dance Company (UK), Open Art Surgery (Sadlers Wells,UK). As a choreographer, she has showcased her work at TEDx Panteion University (Greece), The Place (UK), Block 336 - ICF (London), Zichri Theater (Israel), Jersey City Theatre Centre (online event, USA). She has been invited to judge international competitions such as KRE8 Lab (UK), Percorsi Coreografici (Italy) and Torre del Lago Dancing Time (Italy).


Cast and Credits

Choreographer / Performer: Vasiliki Papapostolou
Music Composer / Sound designer: Christopher Nas
Lighting Designer: Emma Gasson

Hinterlands - How to Look the Part by Vittorio Pagani - LARVÆ

There is a red line between the hinterland in which I live and the one inside me. Imagine a world that constantly changes, approaching its end. Imagine its people, filled with rage and love, living a life hiding their true selves to survive.
Taking its cues from analyzing how mass media and movies change our perception of violence and power, “Hinterlands - How to Look the Part” explores the effects of toxic masculinity and affirming one’s individuality through spoken words, dance and video projections. This work is dedicated to those who stand alone, even when surrounded by lots of people.

About The Artist

Vittorio Pagani (he/him) is a freelance dancer and creator from Milan, Italy. In 2018 he joins Ballet Junior de Genève where he dances works by some of the most internationally acclaimed choreographers.From 2022 he’s a Masters Graduate in Expanded Dance Practice (LCDS - University of the Arts London). From 2023 he’s part of the LARVÆ Collective, a multidisciplinary project that focuses on performance and education.His pieces “Around 5:65” (2021) and “A Solo in the Spotlights” (2022) have been presented in Italy, Switzerland, UK and the Netherlands.His work focuses on the themes of performativity and subversion.


Cast and Credits

Concept and Choreography: Vittorio Pagani
Performers: Davide Iacobone and Vittorio Pagani
Original texts: Vittorio Pagani
Production: LARVÆ
Executive Production: Equilibrio Dinamico Company