About Jack Trotter, Jorden Brooks and Vanessa Tang

Several desperate attempts by Jack Trotter

Several desperate attempts is a piece of contemporary dance-theatre exploring the concept of fame. It questions the lengths that people are willing to go to for the super-filthy-rich and famous life. Inspired by pop culture phenomena and controversiality – Lady Gaga’s meat dress, Sinead O’Connor ripping a photo of The Pope and Britney Spears shaving her head to name a few. The performers attempt to reimagine and mock iconically shocking moments such as these in a series of shameless and integrity-lacking nonsense; pleading to the audience to be the centre of a media circus, they will stop at nothing until this is achieved.

About The Artist

Jack (he/they) is a London-based dance artist, performer and maker from Hull. He trained at London Contemporary Dance School from 2019-2022 and more recently was a part of VERVE, the postgraduate company of Northern School of Contemporary Dance. They have worked with a wide range of dance artists - Becky Namgauds, Seke Chimutengwende, KOR'SIA and Jamaal Burkmar to name a few.
As a creator, Jack is interested in pop culture, the sociology of fame and the evolving celebrity realm. He is currently developing his interest in questioning cancel culture, validation through a lens of fame and where, how and if this can meet dance and movement.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Jack Trotter
Performers and co-creators: Sylvie Holder, Ben Yorke-Griffiths, James Mounsey, Jorden Brooks, Kate Howden, Daisy Dancer, Chasmine Fay Roma Tangen
Music: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Stylist: Jack Trotter
Videographer: Kamal Macdonald

Step Jockey by Jorden Brooks

Step Jockey is a hypnotic dance performance which captivates and celebrates the contagious relationship between electronic dance music and movement. With a live onstage DJ set, Step Jockey invites the audience to surrender to the power of electronic music and join the dancers in their infectious and repetitive interplay, drawn from honest experiences of social dance. Please enjoy our live demonstration of '4 on the floor.

About The Artist

Jorden Brooks (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer and photographer based in Leeds.
Whilst in training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance and the post-graduate company, VERVE 2023, Jorden has worked with an array of choreographers such as KOR’SIA, Extended Play and Eleanor Sikorski.

Since graduating Jorden has worked with Perfectly Serviceable as an assistant rehearsal director, National Youth Theatre as a movement director, Excessive Human Collective as a collaborator and performed at improvised evening, Roadhouse, in Leeds.

Jorden’s artistic practice explores the relationship between electronic music and contemporary dance performance, collaborating with DJ’s, producers and musicians.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Jorden Brooks
Dancers and Co-Creators: Allegra Vistalli and Euan Stephen
Composer: DJ Balbo
Photographer: Elly Welford
Videographer: Kamal Macdonald

(Un)do by Vanessa Tang and Natalie Pirarak

(Un)do is a project series that seeks to harmonise the technologically disrupted mind and body. Phase one of this project is a performance that serves as a demonstration of this internal experience. It presents a process of healing through mind embodiment, raising awareness of wellbeing by aligning the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

A natural translation process of motion to audio and water cymatics (ripples reacting to hertz) is enabled by technology. The designed environment intends to mimic the mirroring exercise in a movement therapy session, enhancing the sense of empathy and engagement for all participants. The goal of this performance is not limited to telling a story of the dancer, Sandy Yip, but to create resonance in the room through mind and body connection.

About The Artist

The Directors, Vanessa Tang and Natalie Pirarak, combine and utilise their knowledge from Theatre Production and Architecture to further explore their common interests in psychiatry and immersive installations. The Choreographer, Congfang (Spring), focuses her works on social commentary characterisations and interdisciplinary exchange. The Musical Director, Max West, seeks musical inspirations from different structures of art medium. The Costume Designer, Timothy Jia Huei Goh, works with themes of turmoil and conflict through a material lens. This transdisciplinary performance is not only a free space for creativity exploration and exchange, but also a space for our diverse group of designers to experience mind-body connection during the process of making.


Cast and Credits

Co-Director/Production Manager: Vanessa Tang
Co-Director/Design Director: Natalie Pirarak
Dancer: Sandy Hoi Shan Yip
Choreographer: Congfang Xiao (Spring)
Musical Director: Max West
Costume Designer: Timothy Jia Huei Goh