About In between collective, Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley and Manon Servage

H A y w I R e by In Between Collective

Hair as an extension of the body. How does your hair look today? What does it say about you? H A y w I R e is an exploration of the idea of self-expression. Our inner selves get perceived through our appearance, from inside to outside and how the hair gets involved. A journey where external influences can affect your innermost side as well as the deepest experience of yourself modifies your external presence. In Between Collective creates a movement language blended between the two dance forms of flamenco and contemporary dance. The performers invite the audience to experience the dialogue between them and the result of its research.

About The Artist

Lydia Ayllón and Sara Canabal are the two choreographers and dancers in this performance.

Sara Canabal is a flamenco dancer who graduated her professional Spanish Dance and Flamenco degree at Institut del Teatre Barcelona in 2021, Spain. She was award in the Certamen Coreográfico de Flamenco in 2022 and 2023.

Lydia Ayllón is a contemporary and flamenco dancer who graduated her Honours degree at The Place London Contemporary Dance School in 2023 and choreographed "Soleá de mi Casa" piece as a previous work.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer and dancer: Lydia Ayllón
Choreographer and dancer: Sara Canabal

TIMOTHY by Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley

Timothy originally worked as a contemporary dancer before retraining as an Enclosure Assistant as part of the Government’s ReThink. ReSkill. ReBoot. program. Although Timothy's passion remains in the arts, he now enjoys working at The Great Zoo and his main duty includes cleaning the cage of a solitary chimpanzee, also called Timothy. Although they have never met, Timothy has grown quite fond of Timothy and feels that in some way… they are the same…

Part psychological thriller, part biomechanical study, Timothy is a dance-theater narrative which explores themes of loneliness, isolation and our primal need to connect.

About The Artist

Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley originally trained at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD). Since then he has completed an MA at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) on the MA Theatre Lab course. In addition to performing, Jonathan is a director and has recently premiered his debut choreographic work When Trees Fall, as part of Resolution Festival 2023. In 2022, he co-directed and composed the music for ‘WALD/Forest' with Bare Theatre Collective and Theatre Lindenhof in Germany.

He recently performed as Banquo and Malcolm in Flabbergast theatre’s ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ at the Edinburgh Fringe, Southwark Playhouse and Nottingham Playhouse. Jonathan's practice is inspired by nature and he is interested in exploring the intersections between acting, movement and embodied practices in order to train the imagination and our ability to pretend.

Cast and Credits

Devised and Performed by Jonathan Aubrey-Bentley

Spectrum by Manon Servage

Two options. Two boxes. Two extremities.
Right or wrong, black or white, gay or straight… Being labelled as something or someone, before having the time to discover who you are. Being judged no matter what compartment you’ve been placed in. Your voice not even reaching someone’s ears.
But what if life was a Spectrum? A spectrum you could navigate on. A spectrum including all of the nuances, depths and colours.

About The Artist

Manon Servage is a passionate dancer, choreographer and artist from France based in London. Interested in reaching the full capacities and exploring the complexities of the body and mind, her movement language breaks barriers, fusions styles and rhythms to reach a new depth of movement. Having worked internationally as a dancer and choreographer, Manon’s language is influenced by many cultures, stories and feelings, creating outstanding performances.


Cast and Credits

Dancers: Coralie Calfond, William James, Sophie Ormiston, Wil Trash, Naissa Bjørn, Felicity Chadwick, Manon Servage, Daniel Perry and Zach Parkin.
Music: Tom Van Wee, Woodju and Koki Nakano