About Glenn Hudson (Definitives), Nefeli Kentoni and Yee Kei Yuki Chung

Non Playable Character by Glenn Hudson - Definitives

This show touches on the term NPC - NON PLAYABLE CHARACTER - and how its meaning has entered and affected the real world. From gaming to politics to social media, using movement and musicality, this show explores its playful origins through to its twisted developments and similarities.

Constellation of Awakening by Nefeli Kentoni

“No longer enough to contain life,

The horizon disappeared,


faded into one.

Ground and sky became one.


The darkest darkness.”

Constellation of Awakening is an audio-visual performance about a world plunged into eternal darkness; a reality interrupted by dreams. The audience is invited to count sheep, fall asleep, and traverse through surreal landscapes, while being confronted by a world of contradictions. Constellation of Awakening is an invitation to a shared dream, an attempt to make this reality - less painful. And who knows, maybe in the morning the world will be different.

About The Artist

Nefeli Kentoni (b.1998, Cyprus) is a director, writer and visual artist. The theatrical and cinematic form have been the platform in which she negotiates and experiments the gaps between language and image, the implicit exertions that sustain the performer-viewer relationship, and the performativity of space. Her characters exist in stylized, absurdist, and unstable worlds which defy the rules of logic and time.

Nefeli hopes to guide the audience’s gaze to the invisible, the absent, the [almost] insignificant.
She has presented her work in Prague Quadrennial, Tate Modern, Barbican Centre, The Place, Museu de les Ciéncies (Valencia), Buffer Fringe, NiMac, Cyprus Choreography Platform, and Images & Views of Alternative Cinema. Her short film “Fragility of Language” won the Screendance Short Film Competition at the 36th Leeds International Film Festival. With recurring collaborators, they have created a common language of movement, aesthetic, and trust. Her work would not have been the same without them.


Cast and Credits

Writer/Director: Nefeli Kentoni
Performers/Devisers:Santi Guillamon, Fatima Rodriguez, Tomio Shota, Maria Masonou, Ludovica Tagariello
Music Composition: Manos Stratis
Musicians:Manos Stratis, Andreas Zembylas
Photographer: Dimitris Loutsios

With thanks to loli Kaskani for her invaluable contributions as one of the original devisers, and to SESSSSSIONS for their generous support during the creation of the first draft of the show.

On The Other Side《彼岸》by Yee Kei Yuki Chung

On The Other Side《彼岸》explores the emotional impact on people who have experienced the death of others, imaginary death, and the imaginary contact between the dead and the living.
In Resolution 2024, we will be presenting the 6th stage of new development of On The Other Side《彼岸》, which brings on an added element and focus on resilience. This next stage walks through how we live through traumatic experience such as sorrow, grief, and anger, to then build resilience. After traumatic experiences, we can re-find and regain power to become a new stronger person. We hope this performance resonates not only with people who have found the strength to get up in their past, but also empower people who are still finding their strength.

About The Artist

The whole process of On The Other Side《彼岸started in 2020 and had been through 5 stages of research and development: Trio R&D, First Solo, Ensemble, Second Solo, and Duet. It has been presented in dance festivals such as Florence Dance Festival, and been commissioned by dance companies such as Brancaccio Danza support by Italy Ministry of Culture. Its previous choreographic outcomes have predominantly been presented in the UK and Italy.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Yee Kei Yuki Chung
Devisers and performers: Mac Daniel Villanueva, Matthew Oliver Brion, Richard Wallace Pye, Hsuan Yu Tsao, Joshua Lannon Frazer
Music: Mikey Parsons, Andrea Di Falco, Daniel Lukehurst, Yee Kei Yuki Chung, and found music.

Supported by Thea Barnes Legacy Fund
Special thanks to Kieran Lee Covell for helping me with the project inside and outside studio throughout the preparation for Resolution 2024.