About Ella Swannell Amalfitano, Elly Trent, Olia Poliakova and Callum Murray, and Terry Smith

Hold of Us by Ella Swannell Amalfitano

"Hold of Us" is a contemporary dance theatre performance that delves into the human condition through a series of poetic snapshots, portraying the characters' individual and shared experiences. Within this heart-wrenching world, the characters navigate between apparent emotional and interpersonal dissociation, along with feelings of longing and despair. The work carries a hypnotic yet unsettling tone, featuring a bold pacing as the cast moves deliberately, often in stilted rhythms, as if bearing the weight of the world within their bodies.

Do It Again by Olia Poliakova, Elly Trent and Callum Murray

And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

Are you ready now?

Do it again explores the playful, challenging and tedious act of practice. With elements of the performance determined by the audience moments before the show begins, the performers are thrown into a real time rehearsal. You are invited to witness the mistakes, triumphs, nuances and interactions that practice brings, over and over again and again and again and again and again.

Are you ready now?

About The Artist

Callum Murray is a London based composer and digital artist whose existing work includes audiovisual installations, performances, instrumental compositions, and visual art.

Elly Trent is a choreographer and filmmaker. Her work examines the interaction of live and digital performance, while prioritising accessibility and engagement to all audiences.

Olia Poliakova is an Ukrainian, London-based choreographer and performance artist, who works with durational installations, improvisation for performance and screendance .

Do it again is the first collaboration between all three artists. They were brought together through their shared interests in creating multimedia performance that intersects dance, theatre and digital art.


Cast and Credits

Choreographers: Olia Poliakova, Elly Trent
Co-creator/Composer: Callum Murray
Devised with and Performed by: Olivia Foskett, Maisie Faul and Petter Skurdal
Photographers: Charmaine Nicole Hiller and Eloise Frey

The Chair by Terry Smith

The structure is simple: a chair in a single spotlight on an empty stage. A performer engages in a conversation which is addressed to the chair. As the story unfolds in movement, action and voice it becomes clearer why the chair is empty. The piece is carefully outlined and constructed but also improvised and will never been shown twice in the exact same way.

About The Artist

Terry Smith’s multidisciplinary practice covers decades of exhibitions, installations and performances shown internationally in museums and galleries. Performances include, STRING, Caracas (2010), FOUNDLINGS, Ca Pesaro Museum in Venice (2014), COMBINE, Peckham (2012) SHADOWS, Folkestone (2021) and recently MIRROR at the Whitechapel Gallery (2023). Smith’s performance work is collaborative and for this version of The Chair he has worked with the French performer Lise Boucon who is a multi-genre artist working across theatre, dance and live art. Her work encompasses both movement and words, using her body to question identity.




Cast and Credits

Associate Choreographer: Paola Piccato
Performer: Lise Boucon