About Chiara Martina Halter, Kitty Pilgrim-Morris and Chaldon Williams

33 RPM by Chiara Martina Halter

33 RPM is a response to the cost-of-living crisis and the ongoing growth in socio-economic segregation.

Combining set design, contemporary movement language, and opera, the piece brings up the question of nature versus nurture and confronts our individual illusions of self-determination. It addresses the feelings that come with a loss of agency and visualises peoples’ competing efforts as the duet takes place on a moving treadmill.

33 RPM serves as a reminder that the race is rigged and that, whether we like it or not, we are all just the product of our environment.

About The Artist

Chiara Martina Halter is a contemporary dance artist who creates multidisciplinary works that merge live-performance with installation art. She is particularly interested in creating immersive, multisensory spaces that focus on presence and attribute a lifelike quality to pre-recorded materials while discussing topics of social relevance. Chiara graduated from Trinity Laban with First Class Honours and was awarded the TL Innovation Award ’23 for her screendance installation Stomach Ache. Based between London and Switzerland, she has joined the ensemble of interdisciplinary art collective PR•SMA to create site-specific performances at the Kurtheater Baden (CH) and has choreographed and performed for the video-installation CUTE at Somerset House (UK).


Cast and Credits

Choreography: Chiara Martina Halter
Performance: Chiara Martina Halter and Alessia Tomassi Marinangeli
Song: Paula Günther
Costume Design: NCCFN group - Simon Anliker and Chiara Martina Halter
Supported by: Ugly Duck and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

The Agony of Definition by Kitty Pilgrim-Morris

Claybourne has been in this place as long as they can remember, and they are sure there is something they have to tell you. However, they cannot seem to remember what it was.

Stuck in this Sisyphean nightmare, Claybourne once again embarks on the task of trying to remember, of trying to tell you - as they did the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that…

The Agony of Definition is a dance theatre tragicomedy, a journey through words that darts between the boundary of hyperbolised performance and honest vulnerability. Answers and absolutes provide us with security, but what happens when the answer does not come?

About The Artist

Kitty Pilgrim-Morris is a multidisciplinary artist whose creative career started in 2019 as a Royal Opera House Young Creative, through which she had her work performed at the Southbank Centre and ROH. After training at London Contemporary Dance School, a chronic illness forced Kitty to explore new ways of being creative aside from dancing; these have included creating music, writing and illustrating. In this project, her return to dancing has been amalgamated with these new found skills.


Cast and Credits

Director/Performer: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Rehearsal Assistance/Dramaturgy: Scilla Rajalin, Mark Crawley, Jack Trotter
Sound Designer: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Set Design: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Set Design Assistance: George Bennett
Stylist: Jack Trotter
Sound Mastering: Toby Print
Prop Building: James Pilgrim-Morris

Special thanks to Ellie Chick, Alex Turner, Jenna Boyd, Daisy Dancer, Christy Paul, Will Bridgland and the Resolution team, The Henley Standard, Henley Leisure Centre and Studio Wayne MacGregor

Awakening by Chaldon Williams

Awakening is a Hip-Hop theatre experience exploring what black royalty would look like today, and how we might share influence, knowledge and power in a positive way. It will explore identity, empowerment, men’s mental health for black, intergenerational audiences.

About the Artist

Chaldon Williams is a Black British/Caribbean creative artist based in South East London. Chaldon has been creating leading work with his unique style of movement and aims to bring Hip Hop culture into new spaces of art, often collaborating with artists and technicians from different fields ranging from designers and composers to videographers and animators. As a dance choreographer, Chaldon has his own creative collective, Tribe Wayz. He mentors and guides artists on their own journeys within Hip Hop, with weekly training sessions and structured support.

Cast & Credits

Choreographer: Chaldon Wiliams
Dancer: Lyndon DaSilva
Dancer: Korinthia Hockell
Dancer: Matthew Eudu

33 RPM - Trailer