About Chiara Martina Halter, Kitty Pilgrim-Morris and Chaldon Williams

33 RPM by Chiara Martina Halter

33 RPM is a response to the ongoing growth in socio-economic segregation. It confronts our individual illusions of self-determination and addresses the feelings that come with a loss of agency. Combining set design, contemporary movement language, and opera, the piece visualizes peoples' competing efforts. It embraces the evolution of cultural heritage and acknowledges the traces left by those who cross our path. 33 RPM serves as a reminder that the race is rigged and that, whether we like it or not, we are nothing but the product of our environment.

About The Artist

Chiara Martina Halter is a contemporary dance artist who creates multidisciplinary works that merge live-performance with installation art. She is particularly interested in creating immersive, multisensory spaces that focus on presence and attribute a lifelike quality to pre-recorded materials while discussing topics of social relevance. Chiara graduated from Trinity Laban with First Class Honours and was awarded the TL Innovation Award ’23 for her screendance installation Stomach Ache. Based between London and Switzerland, she has joined the ensemble of interdisciplinary art collective PR•SMA to create site-specific performances at the Kurtheater Baden (CH) and has choreographed and performed for the video-installation CUTE at Somerset House (UK).


Cast and Credits

Performers: Chiara Martina Halter and Alessia Tomassi Marinangeli
Singer: Paula Günther

The Agony of Definition by Kitty Pilgrim-Morris

Craving order, is it not tempting to try and untangle things? To decipher the meaning of these days we are living in? Things would be so much easier if life would just fit in that box we assigned to it. The Agony of Definition is a dance-theatre solo that presents a futile grappling with this dilemma. Answers, absolutes and routines give us security, but in the process we sacrifice our wonder - for thinking about the thing is not the thing itself.

About The Artist

Kitty Pilgrim-Morris is a multidisciplinary artist working across the mediums of contemporary dance, music production, design, writing and theatre. Her creative career started in 2019 as a Royal Opera House Young Creative, through which she had her work performed at the Southbank Centre and ROH. After training at London Contemporary Dance School, a chronic illness forced Kitty to explore new ways of being creative aside from dancing. Currently working as an art tutor and a tattoo artist, Kitty is also the lead singer and bassist in music duo HALLAM.


Cast and Credits

Performed and Created by Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Music: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Stylist: Jack Trotter
Set Design: Kitty Pilgrim-Morris
Design Assistance: George Bennett