About Chi-Hsuan Lin, Nicola Adilman, Madeleine Klintenberg Jonsson and Sara Augieras

Attached by Chi-Hsuan Lin

Attached draws inspiration from the behaviour of hermit crabs, exploring the constant need to relocate and how each move reshapes one's concept of 'home'.

In this unique world, where living beings and inanimate objects engage in conversations about their migration histories, they strive to attach themselves to whatever they encounter, offering mutual assistance, negotiating, and forming queues in their quest for survival. What strategic decisions will guide their next relocation?

About The Artist

Chi-Hsuan Lin is a dancer and creator from Taiwan, currently having her master's in Expanded Dance Practice at LCDS. She has a deep passion for creating with objects, weaving intricate narratives that blur the lines between the animate and the inanimate, all the while addressing thought-provoking themes. Her artistic practice encompasses somatic practice, improvisation, and contact work.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Chi-Hsuan Lin
Performer and Co-creators: Amelia Macqueen, Diana Snizhko, Yun Cheng
Music Designer: Elisabet Dijkstra

As of Right Now by Nicola Adilman

As of Right Now explores storytelling, visual art images and movement associated with life drawing and modelling. Combing fine art with the strange and silly experiences of a modern, multifaceted woman, As of Right Now brings the audience into the present moment, to shed light on the imperfections of our day-to-day life and to witness the beauty of it. As two visual artists orient themselves with the performer, the audience will witness the fluidity of the artists’ lines as they dance with the moving body. A meditative state will be adopted, and the room will become immensely alive.

About The Artist

Nicola Adilman is a multidisciplinary artist focused on contemporary dance and filmmaking with an MA in Dance from LCDS. Her creative inclinations lean toward the use of different mediums—visual art, film and text being the most prominent. Additionally, it is difficult for her work to not include the values of equity, feminism and equality. She instinctively works within narratives and abstractions to develop work that encompasses joy, humour, camaraderie, character work and physical dexterity. She is dedicated to listening, observation, nature, improvisation, collaboration and playfulness as methods of creation. Most recently, she presented work her work Play by Play in Resolution Festival 2023.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer and Performer: Nicola Adilman (she/her)
Visual Artists: Georgie Huxley (she/her) and Ushara Dilrukshan (she/her)
Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom (she/her)
Costume Designer: Jacob Elliott Roberts (he/him)
Sound Design: Ushara Dilrukshan
Music: DjRUM, Touched and Ushara Dilrukshan
Voiceover and Text by Nicola Adilman and Michèle Muzzi

Glimtar by Madeleine Klintenberg Jonsson and Sara Augieras

Glimtar was originally created at the edge of the Baltic Sea. It was born from a desire to reclaim the use of public areas as creative and interactive spaces. Water, as an element and as a location for gathering, has traditionally connected people throughout the world. The dance piece combines the reassuring and cleansing aspect of water with its more enigmatic and mysterious character found in tales of mermaids and sea creatures. You will be transported to an enchanted world of chiaroscuro, immersed in the sound and smells of the sea, where the sinuous tangled dance responds to live music.

About The Artist

Madeleine and Sara have collaborated on dance projects since meeting 10 years ago at the London Contemporary Dance School. In 2022, they used a residency at Danscentrum and Atalante Theatre in Gothenburg to create a dance film which was then selected by Dansmuseet in Stockholm and the Gothenburg Film Festival. The following year they restaged the work for 20 dancers at the Rambert Studio Playground. A further residency at 3e Våningen, Gothenburg allowed them to develop a stage version. Glimtar was performed for the Day of Dance on the streets of Gothenburg. Water in various forms has been present for all performances.


Cast and Credits

Choreographers and Performers: Madeleine Klintenberg Jonsson and Sara Augieras

Many thanks to
Composer: Camilla Isola
Technical support: Nils Bossius Klintenberg and Michael Taylor
Photography: Dimitri Djuric
Space support: Will Bridgland and Aiste Garbauskaite