About Araminta Wraith, Hattie Musgrove and Sylvie Holder

We’ve had such a lovely time by Araminta Wraith

‘We’ve had such a lovely time’
‘Haven’t we!’
‘The thing is... I can’t do it anymore.’
‘Can’t do what?’
‘Us. I don’t want to do Us anymore.’
‘I’m sorry what?’
‘I love you but I’m saying goodbye now.’

Combining dance and dialogue We’ve Had Such a Lovely Time explores the lives of Mia and Annie – childhood best friends, lovers, each other’s everything.
Their unravelling love affair mirrors Mia’s relationship with dance, passionate but deeply uneasy, where everything can be sacrificed in pursuit of excellence.

How hard could it possibly be to walk away?

About The Artist

Araminta is a multidisciplinary artist who combines dance and movement with traditional theatre storytelling. After 14 years as a soloist with Scottish Ballet and English National Ballet, she moved towards acting and facilitation. Upon graduating from RADA in 2022, she received ACE funding for movement and theatre practice in theatre making, alongside facilitating workshops, focusing on female identifying people living with addictions.

This piece has been made in collaboration with director and playwright Dan Sherer, known for his work with National Theatre and Mercury Theatre, as well as teaching at RADA and RCSSD. Also performing is Nancy Kettle, a freelance artist, who shares a passion for connecting dance and theatre, working with RADA, National Youth Theatre, and RCSSD.


Cast and Credits

Creator and performer: Araminta Wraith
Co-creator: Dan Sherer
Performer: Nancy Kettle

Aria by Hattie Musgrove

Aria is a choreographic solo composed of improvisation and set material curated from a process where music and found sound are the sole stimulus for movement. The work plays with shifts in control between the audible and the visible and follows the themes and dispositions that the sound evokes. The work is a compilation of responses to sounds from a live cellist (onstage), a gospel choir, breath, percussion and electronic dance music. Through the interruption and disruption of these contrasting sounds, the solo encapsulates what it means to collaborate with a live musician as well as dance to pre-recorded sound and music.

About The Artist

Hattie is a dance artist based in the South of England. She recently completed a masters in Dance Performance as part of the postgraduate company Mapdance at the University of Chichester. As part of the postgraduate company, she worked with choreographers Gary Clarke, Kay Crook, Seeta Patel and Luke Brown. Prior to this, she was a member of the National Youth Dance Company, led by guest artistic director Botis Seva.

Upon graduating, she has been involved in projects with Morvell Dance, Ascension Dance and a collaboration between the National Youth Orchestra and the National Youth Dance Company. She creates and performs work that has physicality at its core with deep connection to the aural environment.


Cast and Credits

Dancer and choreographer: Hattie Musgrove
Cellist: Verity Lawrence
Videographer: Mike Bignell
Music credits: Out With the Old, In With the New Flesh by Blessed Initiative, Cadence by Travis Lake, By The Sea (live) by Anna Phoebe, Jake Downs, Trans Voices & Richard Bundy, Jungle by Mark Broom and Dex by EdIT

Sweet England by Sylvie Holder

Sweet England is a work that delves into the undocumented realities of peasantry within Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Having endured a muted existence, the people of serfdom remain today as nameless custodians of an untold history. Choreographer, Sylvie Holder weaves an imagined tapestry that unravels on stage as an organic anthology of happenings, a series of proposed experiences. Sweet England delivers not the physical truth but elicits the fortitude of the human spirit and its unwavering nature to feel.

About The Artist

Sylvie Holder is a dancer and choreographer from Southeast London. Having completed both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Sylvie is now based in Leeds as a freelance dancer and creative artist. Throughout her education, Sylvie was heavily inspired by filmic works of the social realist and experimental genres, and formalist film theory. With a primary interest in devising dance theatre, Sylvie’s work seeks to comment on current and historical socio-political themes, with a priority for formal aesthetics over narrative expectations, which in its physical nature roots itself in our inherent human movement.


Cast and Credits

Choreographer: Sylvie Holder
Composer: Wilfred Kimber
Performer: Ben Yorke Griffiths, Jack Trotter, James Mounsey, Chasmine Fay, Lucy Rutter, Kate Howden, Jorden Brooks, Euan Stephen, Hannah Durkan, Daisy Dancer and Molly Williams