About Angus Bartlett & Gabby Sanders, Jasmin Saulo & TNG : HE and Fabio Pronesti

Deadlock by Angus Bartlett and Gabby Sanders

Deadlock explores our primal competitive instinct, which was once a necessity to survive but now manifests in today’s society in ways that are much more subtle - through hidden agendas and insincerity. Two dancers move through a journey of deception, competition and personal gain at the expense of one another.

About The Artist

Angus and Gabby are London-based dance artists, who started dancing together in LCDS' postgraduate company, EDGE (2019-2020). They began creating work as a duet in 2023 supported by 2 residencies at Tripspace and were also the selected recipients of Dance East's Summer Free Space Programme. They will be debuting their first work at Resolutions 2024.
As performers, their individual professional credits include Southpaw Dance Company, Avant Garde Dance and Ceyda Tanc Dance.


Cast and Credits

Choreographed and performed by Angus Bartlett and Gabby Sanders
Photographer: Betty Maguire

La Na by Jasmin Saulo & TNG : HE

TNG : HE presents La Na, an abstract piece evocative of the human experience of healing, sourcing influence from an emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological perspective. La Na explores the rawness and perpetuation of human emotion, ultimately demonstrating the non-linear nature of healing and its uniqueness to each person. Originating from the Filipino phrase ‘bahala na’ meaning ‘come what may’, La Na encapsulates the expansiveness of a healing journey and embraces the cracks of a broken soul, with lightness, strength and surrender, to curate something beautiful and indelible in its truest form.

About The Artist

TNG : HE represents and celebrates a collective of all male-identifying artists working towards redefining and disrupting society’s stereotypical lens of the male form. HE utilises art to create social movement and start the conversation surrounding strength in vulnerability and openness to change. With over a decade of presence in the professional dance realm, providing opportunity for the next generation, TNG will debut their HE collective at Resolution 2024 in collaboration with resident movement artist and choreographer at the heart of TNG, Jasmin Saulo.
takes the collective on a journey of rediscovery and creative exploration through the medium of dance and mixed movement. Following a career in the professional dance industry, it remains Jasmin’s mission and ethos to create a safe space in dance, not only as a means of physical space but allowing the artists to create a safe space within themselves; embracing vulnerability, finding lightness and creating positive change.

Cast and Credits

Creative Director/Choreographer: Jasmin Saulo
Founder/Creative Director: Ricky Labib
Creative Producer: Sally Fry

Cast with Creative contribution: Adam Coyne, Andrew Cording, Arvin Daryl Odell, Dexter Obi, Jay Allen, Jean Ceballos Ruge, Jesus Kalu, Jordan Barrow, Josh Gill, Josh Rose, Kci J Lee, Kit Mccoy, Lamar Senior, Marcellus Hill, Mirlind Bega, Sheehan Parsons

Additional creative contributions: Aaron Gonzales, Curtis Holder, Danyul Fullard, Gregory Armand, Hakeem Tinubu, Jacob McLay Reid, Jordan Hornett, Jordan Quayson, Miekalie Browne

We would like to give credit to CODY Studios and Open Ealing for the provision of rehearsal space throughout our creative process.

SOUVENIR by Fabio Pronesti

Souvenir reconsiders what we kept close. A body retraces a series of memories from the past and, in the attempt of pouring them into the space it gets confused by what is familiar, entangling the voices that are certain. Lights of deception, the smell of a smoke, a way of capturing each others’ hands: some possibilities from yesterday rooted within our desires and then framed. The work, presented as a first study, is driven by the intention to establish different procedures through which get in touch with memories, making them present, questioning the role of the performative body and its archival features. Within the landscape crafted by sound engineer Beatrice Balagna, Fabio brings to light lived spaces, currents in which he immersed himself and some precious relics: other beliefs that were real

About The Artist

Fabio Pronesti (1999, Italy) is a dance artist based in Turin. His work combines elements of performance and visual art. He graduated at Trinity Laban in London in 2022 to then join VERVE in 2023. Questioning the role of the performative body and its archival features, his research looks into possibilities of co-existence and procedures for revealing their intrinsic fragilities. Conducting an auto - ethnographic research, his works seek to frame the moving body at the intersection of mnemonic visions and perceptive experiences, incorporating improvisation as a tool to encourage its becoming. Over the last year, he has collaborated with The Place (London) and Atelier delle Arti (Livorno) to present his work.


Cast and Credits

Concept and performer: Fabio Pronesti
Sound design: Beatrice Balagna
Photographer: Lorenzo Tombesi
Supported by: KLAK - Stories for Artists, Atelier delle Arti